Stopped: New Raw Milk Rules in South Dakota

The Director of the South Dakota Department of Agriculture issued this letter today, putting a stop to new and strict rules effectively stopping the sale of raw milk.

I just received this note:

We have Great News from the SD State Capitol today!

The Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Bill Even, has withdrawn the whole proposal for new rules on Raw milk. This is the link to the site for Bill Even’s statement.

I want to personally thank everyone who wrote emails, letters, testified in person, prayed, and supported this issue in so many ways. It was a joint effort and together we obviously made a significant impact. I believe that it is with God’s strength, that we helped SD in protecting our interests as consumers and in preserving our freedoms as citizens. We may have even helped other states by setting a precedence.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

That was from Mike and Lila Streff–see below.

The letter and testimony that probably helped the most is the one by Lila Striff. This is quite a letter and testimony to health-giving properties of raw cows and goats milk and the cruel intervention of the state. As I said last week, this letter is the best I have seen and everyone should take five minutes to read it.

3 responses to “Stopped: New Raw Milk Rules in South Dakota

  1. We have been obtaining raw goat’s milk from a friend and find it superior to cow’s milk, even that which is organic. It is great that one state’s Dept. of Agriculture Director has seen the light.

  2. Great news for South Dakota! This is also encouragement to raw milk activists in other states that we can make a difference. Bravo to all those who made this happen. Thanks for the report.

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