Results Released on National Raw Milk Survey

The Journal of Natural Food and Healing is sponsoring an informal Raw Milk Survey. So far, 1030 responses were received (from Dec 1 to Dec 20) of which 85% were raw milk drinkers. Here is a summary of the findings so far.

Health Benefits (of 877 raw milk drinkers)

74% have much health benefit

24% some

2% none

What all responders said about pasteurized milk:

62% believe it has long-term health effects

15% say it makes them very sick

40% say it tastes terrible

30% say it upsets their stomach

16% say it gives them diarrhea

And 53% say they will not spend their money to support the Milk Monopoly hurting dairy farmers

They will pay more for raw milk than for pasteurized

35% will pay double

26% will pay triple

16% will pay 50% more

5% will pay 25% more

90% of the raw milk drinkers will disobey the law to obtain it

There were 250 dairy farmers (or speaking for dairy farmers) responding:

If raw milk sales is or will be illegal:

53% will use herdshare programs  where groups own a share of the herd

24% will disobey the law

11% will probably disobey the law

Only 3% will stop providing raw milk and obey the law

7% have to think about what they would do

79 responders said they would promote the survey on their website or blog.  348 would promote the survey by posting it on Facebook, twitter, discussion lists on the internet. Thanks to all of those that are helping to get the word out.

The survey is still on going. If you have not done so, please take the one-minute survey.


4 responses to “Results Released on National Raw Milk Survey

  1. The beauty of this survey is that it shows so many people are willing to go outside the mainstream, outside their doctors & pharma to find answers to their health problems.
    Typical “science” (for lack of a better term) and intrusive laws do not stop people from searching where their health is concerned.
    More & more people’s b.s. meters are going off from the flood of nonsense we’re bombarded with. I find it refreshing!

  2. Great survey and good to see so many responses.

  3. We are now starting to see television commercials and the like promiting live cultures and probiotics. The big companies know the health benefits of raw milk and that our mission is unstoppable. I am sure they are behind the protest against raw milk sales. I do not have anymore gastrointestenal acid reflux after drinking raw milk and related raw products.

    Bruce, SE, MN

  4. christine hurtado

    if only people were educated on how many health benefits there are to raw milk more people would be using it no matter what the cost!

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