“Who Owns Your Body?” Wisconsin is Rallying!

Who Owns Your Body?

By Augie

o Michael Badnarik, 2004 Presidential Candidate– Suffers Severe Heart Attack

o Max Kane Loses; Judge Warns He Could Be Imprisoned

o Wisconsin Raw Milk Wars Boil

“Who Owns Your Body? You Do! You Do!

Who Controls What Goes Into Your Body? You Do. You Do”!

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David Gumpert Calls for Raw Milk Freedom

(December 22, 2009) VIROQUA, WISCONSIN–About 140 raw milk supporters from Wisconsin and several states showed up for Max Kane’s  state court hearing in Viroqua, Wisconsin. The court was before the state’s attorney general and judge and the big rally, workshop and dinner with the biggest names and speakers in the raw milk revolution. The state Judge ruled against Kane in that he must comply with orders to hand over his private customer list, the names of the dairies that supply him with the milk and his IRS tax filings or possibly be imprisoned until he does.

But the events of the day were far outshadowed by a key speaker for food freedom and the Constitution, the 2004 Libertarian Party presidential nominee, Michael Badnarik. He had a severe heart attack after the court proceedings. He is reported to be in serious condition yesterday (12/22/09) and on life support this morning after suffering a heart attack in Madison, Wisconsin.

Michael Badnarik, 2004 US Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party and Speaker at the Wisconsin Raw Milk Rally

Mr. Badnarik was riding in the car of dairyman Scott Trautman, known for losing his milk license, on the way to the luncheon when the heart attack occurred. Friends food freedom advocate Michael Taylor of Cincinnati and Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures, America’s largest organic dairy and former paramedic, applied CPR three times to keep him alive while the ERT arrived three minutes later to revive him after no breath, no pulse and no heartbeat had been observed. He was life-flighted to the LaCrosse hospital. Friends and associates were told not to call the hospital. He remains in serious condition. We all hope that he rebounds to health quickly so he can return to his family and his work.

I received word soon after the event at my day office at a local health department from Scott Trautman, one of the co-organizers, with whom I intended to get a short update during the rally event early Monday afternoon. Our talk was cut short due to the emergency that Scott was faced with caring for Bodnarik with others. I want to assure you that I would have withheld this part of the story until the appropriate time even though Badnarik is a public figure—and as such “open season and fair game”.. I spoke at length with Taylor and an associate in Chicago while on his way home to Cincinnati and he, being a trained in CPR  was first responder, was able to relay to me and confirm the chain of events. Soon after we finished our talks, which included some milk and farm food strategies for Wisconsin, I was still hesitant, but then got the go sign to publish this pers

onal information on Badnarik when I learned that it had already been made public. The short story was provided by an internal Libertarian party journalist in the West Palm Beach Libertarian Examiner early Monday afternoon.

Michael Badnarik has been on a national speaking tour with a clear message that the U.S. and the states should return to some of the basic roots of their Constitutions to which its elected officials are sworn. It was on his heart to come to Viroqua to be part of the rally and court hearing and be with friends to help them in trying to keep their freedom to choose and trade fresh farm food including their own milk. He is also introducing his new book called Good to be King .

Michael Taylor reminded me during our discussion that Badnarik had mentioned that nowhere in the laws of the land does it says or imply the government must or can dictate the types of food we must eat. He also told me the highlight of the day was that Badnarik asked two questions at the rally with a bullhorn on the steps of the courthouse:

“Who Owns Your Body? You Do! You Do!

Who Controls What Goes Into Your Body? You Do. You Do”!


Now we will proceed to the rest of the story:

Max Kane dismissed his attorney at the last minute since she was bound by court rule not to go into the question of the state constitutionality or jurisdiction for the taking demand of his private information and property. So he decided to represent himself.

If you have not been following story, Max Kane ran a private buyers club to distribute raw milk including the Chicago area. His passion for raw milk and its health benefits stem from being cured from years of severe Crohn’s disease by drinking clean raw milk and changing his diet to fresh farm foods. He has been making a movie on the raw milk movement and went on a 3600-mile nationwide bike ride to gain national attention (which he did—and mainly drank and ate raw dairy products along the way). When he returned he was arrested for the illegal sale of raw and ordered to comply with the orders of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. (The Journal has a story on this and the links to other information)

Here is a 3-minute video clip for background:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

David Gumpert was there to give testimony ( along with several others) and had this to say in his coverage yesterday:

If Kane in the next go-round refuses to answer their questions? “You could ultimately go to jail–that certainly is a possibility,” the judge said. “A remedial order could be entered that you would go to jail until you answer the questions.” . . .

. . . The proceedings were notable in how low key and peaceful they were, especially in contrast to a boisterious rally outside the courthouse attended by nearly 200 people. It was led by Scott Trautman and Mark McAfee, and included brief talks by Mark Kastle of Cornucopia, Michael Schmidt of Canadian raw milk fame, Max Kane’s three brothers, and yours truly.

“They’re not going to keep us in chains!” exclaimed Scott Trautman. the Wisconsin farmer who has lost his dairy license for distributing raw milk. “I have a dream of a golden age of farming in Wisconsin. Let’s get rid of the goons who want to keep us in chains.”

I finally spoke with Scott tonight (this time between supper and chores) and he said “it was a great day in Wisconsin for raw milk” and told me the highlight of his day was to get to know Mark McAfee and understand his passion about food freedom and the health raw milk has  restored for so many countless families. I have never met the guy myself, but I understand he is the Joe Salatin of the raw milk movement—so look out. (McAfee has earned the right to be called The National Raw Milk Advocate—after all those years producing raw milk for retail stores with no detectable pathogens—but also for what the Feds and the state put him and his family through on a number of occasions. You just would not believe it—but you can read about it here.)

(I first learned of Scott Trautman’s dire situation in an email to me whereby he asked me to listen to his story and an even sadder story of another dairy, because he “is being lynched, too” for “selling” by the state—after losing his milk license—and he is a certified organic dairy. He is hopeful somehow they can get another big rally going for his day in court)

Then there was Annette and Norman, who drove four and a half hours to support Max Kane and the rally. Annette and Norman had to leave at 2 pm just after the the life-flight liftoff and my call to Trautman who was driving Badnarik. I was grateful that as soon as they got back to Northbrook, Annette wrote me this note.

“I was inspired and infused with hope to see around a hundred supporters braving the cold and packing the courthouse four days before Christmas. Everyone we met had stories of healing and improved health from being able to access raw milk.

Max represented himself at the hearing with intelligence, precision, dignity and passion. Although the judge ruled in favor of DATCP, he expressed his respect for Max’s demeanor and intelligence. (While admonishing him gently that he thought it in Max’s best interest to use an attorney in court from now on.)   He clarified that at this level of jurisdiction, his role was not to make any ruling on the constitutionality of the statutes he was obligated to use in his decision. The judge also acknowledged the strong show of support in the courtroom, recognizing that larger issues were at stake.  After the ruling, we all met at the Landmark Center, waiting for Max to arrive. In a bittersweet twist of fate, we learned that one of Max’s strongest supporters had taken gravely ill and Max was with him at the hospital.”

During the farm-fresh, pot-luck dinner, Scott and I had a chance to talk a bit more  by phone. I forgot to ask him just how much raw milk was consumed at the dinner and during the day, in or out of the court. All this time, Max was with Badnarik, his friend and strongest supporter, at the hospital. But Max did not have much time at all for what celebration could be gleaned for the day . . . and it was his day and his work that brought so many people from all over the country . . .  and he had little time with his friends and new aquaintenances as he wanted to.

Next time, Max, but you’ll need to hang in there, ’cause the bigger rally is yet to come.


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3 responses to ““Who Owns Your Body?” Wisconsin is Rallying!

  1. Thanks for telling the story. Thank you, Max Kane, for fighting for all of us. How have we gone so wrong? How did we allow the gov so much control over what we put in our bodies? We are law-abiding adults… well, “were”. Time for a change. Time for us to make the laws.

  2. We will be there to fight for you Max. I was there and it was cold. The people who showed up was great. The people are here and we will fight.

    My prayers go out to Michael Badnarik and his family

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