Home-made Raw Milk Commercial– Five Stars!

Here at the Journal, we try to introduce our readers to the best of the best. In the raw milk commercial category, this should win the golden cow award– if we had one. Here is the Raw Gorgeous Stephie Steele, talkin bout Wisconsin raw milk!

Due to the double post tonight, most readers are missing the top story on the formation of a U.S. regional raw milk alliance called Wisconsin Alliance for Raw Milk — it is also for surrounding states and provinces.

10 responses to “Home-made Raw Milk Commercial– Five Stars!

  1. Rock on, Stephie! Excellent testimonial!

  2. Raw milk is real food.

    • Nice website you have there, Tom

      I was also informed of the term and link I used, Raw Gorgeous, is the name of a business, which also happens to be an excellent site in Washington state. Go there. You will be equally delighted.

  3. thank you very much ! This is so helpful for those of
    us who produce raw milk (in my case, goat milk). I have forwarded this wonderful video.

  4. I hope millions of people read this because it is absolutely true. I happen to live in California and raw milk is in the health food stores for easy access. Thank goodness.

  5. Raw milk can’t harbor pathogens? Please view the following videos. These raw milk drinkers have different story about raw milk.


  6. I also propose we stop chlorinating our water supply and washing hands. Let’s take it back to hundreds of years ago when tens thousands would die from water borne illnesses. This whole germ theory is starting to get to me. I liked it better when i didn’t know about invisible pathogens that could kill me.

  7. I watched the first half of this great video but couldn’t load the rest.

    Much like Stephie, I was very ill and started a farm to have better access to healthier foods. I am now much better, thanks to a healthier diet that includes wholesome foods we raise here and continued assistance from my physician. We love raw goat milk and drink it every day here at our farm. We can’t say the milk has cured me by any means, but it is an important component of my regimen and the complete lifestyle of raising our animals and food has tremendously improved my overall quality of life.

    We have also worked very hard to improve legal access to raw milk in Alaska. More information about our farm, our work, and our way of life is available on our website.

    • Thanks for you comment and sorry you could not see the whole video. Sometimes if you wait until it loads part way it will play fine. You have a nice goat farm there.

  8. dude, raw milk is dangerous. i drank it and almost died. do not listen to these people. all this healthy organic is nonsense

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