Superbugs in Factory-farmed Meats

Dead Hogs, Flies and Maggots at a Factory Farm

An AP article headlined Pressure Rises to Stop Antibiotics in Agriculture made the front page today that will help to educate consumers about the type of factory-farm meat they are eating. With the heavy use of antibiotics, the chickens, pigs and cows develop dangerous organisms in and on their infection-suppressed carcasses and end up on the dinner plate. This has long known been a reason for creation of superbugs and antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria , but it is good to see this information is going more mainstream; and, all the more reason to eat naturally raised beef, chickens, pork and other meats.

The article does not cover the hazards of genetically-engineered feed or cloned animals, but ironically the story is from show-me-state town of Frankenstein, Missouri. Here are some excerpts:

Researchers say the overuse of antibiotics in humans and animals has led to a plague of drug-resistant infections that killed more than 65,000 people in the U.S. last year — more than prostate and breast cancer combined. And in a nation that used about 35 million pounds of antibiotics last year, 70 percent of the drugs went to pigs, chickens and cows. Worldwide, it’s 50 percent.

America’s farmers give their pigs, cows and chickens about 8 percent more antibiotics each year, usually to heal lung, skin or blood infections. However, 13 percent of the antibiotics administered on farms last year were fed to healthy animals to make them grow faster. Antibiotics also save as much as 30 percent in feed costs among young swine, although the savings fade as pigs get older, according to a new USDA study.

However, these animals can develop germs that are immune to the antibiotics. The germs then rub into scratches on farmworkers’ arms, causing oozing infections. They blow into neighboring communities in dust clouds, run off into lakes and rivers during heavy rains, and are sliced into roasts, chops and hocks and sent to our dinner tables.

When shopping for a whole chicken at the supermarket, look for the ones that have a gray-green-bluish spot or growth on the leg or under the wing. They are hard to find– because these are normally cut out at the factory or the chickens are used for pieces or nuggets.

The Journal had brought to you earlier this year one of the most likely sources and origins of the swine flu virus—on a Mexican factory hog farm that butchers a million hogs a year—in our story Factory Farms: An Origin of Swine Flu and Other Diseases and Illnesses. (There is much more than odors emanating from these operations—along with the hydrogen sulfide and ammonia-like substances are dust particles carrying neurotoxins and microbiological hazards as the long list of studies here show.) Another Journal article referenced a study that shows infant deaths to increase significantly in counties where CAFOs (factory farms) are concentrated.

See the AP article Pressure rises to stop antibiotics in agriculture

Apparently this is the “safe, local and humane” food production facilities the industry needs to protect. With the infinite wisdom of the various food safety agencies, they could remedy the situation with the use of more and newer antibiotics and with a dose of irradiation to make the meat less hazardous yet.

For a national directory of naturally raised, grass-fed and pastured meats, see — Augie

10 responses to “Superbugs in Factory-farmed Meats

  1. UGGGGGG! Thanks Dave.

  2. Thanks for the link.

  3. “When shopping for a whole chicken at the supermarket, look for the ones that have a gray-green-bluish spot or growth on the leg or under the wing. They are hard to find– because these are normally cut out at the factory or the chickens are used for pieces or nuggets.”

    What is it?

  4. OMG are you kidding? People really still eat animals?

    Peggy the spots are tumors. They are feeding you cancer.

    This is all the more reason to NEVER eat any animals!

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  7. I agree with Peggy – what is it?

    • It can be a number of things– sores, infections, tumors. There are discolored spots too. The video I saw on this explained that Grade A can be sold whole but Grade B are used for parts, nuggets, patties, TV dinners and such. I speak only of the video I saw and do not claim to know much about it. Maybe someone knows of the video and can post it.

  8. I was watching CBS last night and happened to notice an advertisement for supporting America’s Farmers. Unfortunately, the ad was sponsered by Monsanto! Of course they didn’t mention their genetically grown crops, growth hormones, and their use of antibiotics on their factory farms! Come on folks! This is Insane! We, the American people need to let Monsanto and our government know that we are not going to take this anymore!!! Their food is killing us! Just look around you. What do you see? I see a nation with over half the population obese. I see a multitude of sick patients with MRSA as well as other diseases that I believe are releated to their diet. A large number of these patients are “young adults”. I am an R.N. who works in surgery in Nashville, TN. I am supportive of Organic Farmers in our country. After extensive research of our food sources I have come to a conclusion that Organic resources are the logical choice for good health. Organic foods are somewhat “pricey”, but until American farmers can break their ties with Monsanto without getting sued, my moto is “pay now or pay later”. Good luck to us all and use your head when it comes to your diet. Check out the website “Millions against Monsanto” if you would like to voice your opinion or obtain some information about what is going on with the nation’s food supply!

  9. Thanks for this great report. Unfortunately, so many bad aspects of factory-farming exist that one article cannot cover them all! Another aspect of interest is that toxic metals–like mercury, lead, and arsenic–build up in the fish (raised in polluted waters) and then the resultant fishmeal, which comprises 50% of all animal feed on factory-farms now, is sometimes highly toxic-metal-contaminated. Autism has been confirmed in recent years to be associated with mercury (vaccine courts verified this), and we are awaiting the official research to come out on whether or not factory-farmed food causes autism, but I would not be surprised if it does. See the 2008 article in Earthsave Int’l. News calling for research in this area, or my book on the Vegan Paradise Paradigm (which can be downloaded on, Vegan Paradise),

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