Orange Juice Blues

What has happened to all of our fruit juices? Only pasteurized cider can be purchased, not the fresh, raw cider with all its vitamins, enzymes and friendly bacteria. Most apple juice is from a concentrate made in China and is often the largest amount of calories given to babies on the bottle. Fruit drinks are not much more than high fructose corn syrup and water with a 20 percent or so real juice content and synthetic flavors and other additives.

The “not from concentrate” orange juice is not what it’s cracked up to be either. There is some startling information I was not aware of in the following video and wanted to share it with you.

8 responses to “Orange Juice Blues

  1. I think the author’s litmus test is a good one for all fresh food products… If the use by date is well into the future, we can be reasonably certain that it’s been heavily processed.

  2. There is a document on WAPF , “Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry” that we presented to our school district once in an attempt to try and persuade them to improve the school lunch program.
    Nary an eye was batted. Can you believe this?

    • I presented a leadership class to the health department and showed the Appleton WI model program for healthy fresh lunches and how the kids got healthier and learned better etc. . We did a plan to integrate the plan into just one school– who to see, barriers to overcome and how to implement. Just showing the free 30 min video to the key personnel at just one school was the key entry. Everyone was then gung-ho about it. Several raised their hand when askeed if they wanted a copy. I held the video at my office for them to come and get. Not one peep out them to take. Not one peep from them since.

  3. Sorry – this article mentions what is done to oranges to produce orange juice, and it’s quite horrifying. It will make you never want to drink orange juice again, if the video you featured on this post doesn’t.

  4. AS, I’m eager to see the link to the article you mentioned.

    Or do you refer to the Dirty Secrets WAPF article?

  5. I tried to locate fresh apple cider a while back. It was very sad to hear all the people I talked to freeze up when I mentioned unpasteurized cider – they thought I was from the gov.

  6. Purchasing (any) food today has become:
    We are consuming genetically altered foods and hidden ingredients in our food and all without any labeling. WHY???? What does the FDA do these days?

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