Canadian Raw Milk Court Verdict/Big Noon Rally– Join Up with the ARMs!

UPDATE: 1 PM– Over 150 supporters and throngs from 15 media outlets and  film makers, Michael Schmidt emerged from the court room not guilty on 20 charges. The Rally of members of Canadian and U.S. Alliances for Raw Milk (ARMs) and many others was just beginning at the time of the last reports from the scene . This is a victory for the raw milk and family farm food freedom movements in North America and there is much more to come! 

Now is time to join up for the ARMs. How are you planning to promote it?

There is also more on this story at 


Join Up for the Canadian Alliance for Raw Milk

U.S. and international readers Join Up for U.S. ARM.

Rally at Noon after the Court Verdict

Thursday, January 21, a long-awaited verdict will be handed down for Michael Schmidt, a life-long biodynamic dairy farmer and a director of the Canadian Alliance for Raw Milk. It will be decided if he will fined and jailed on 20 criminal charges for disobeying court orders in Ontario to stop providing his clean, organic raw milk to his friends and customers they need it to restore and maintain their health. The schedule is below.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time: Court 9 am arrive early

Rally at 12:00 noon! to ??

Court Location: 465 Davis Drive Old Tannery, Newmarket Ontario


Alliances for Raw Milk (ARMs) are being formed in many states and the United Kingdom has also joined the Alliance this week, as well as Wisconsin, Illinois, California. Consumers and farmers in Georgia, Utah, Virginia, Ohio are also forming ARMs and other states have yet to be confirmed. The Alliances are built around the principles of family farm food freedom– and liberty and life.

Please answer the One Question Poll below land let us know how are/will be promoting the ARMs in North America in response to increasing legal actions against family dairies.

The Bovine blog is the place of record for the history of this story and they will bring you the latest with this trial. The Complete Patient will be reporting at the scene. The Journal will be covering other raw milk moovements going on in other states and the UK this week relating to the Alliances being formed.

2 responses to “Canadian Raw Milk Court Verdict/Big Noon Rally– Join Up with the ARMs!

  1. Well it is Jan 20th tomorrow will be another step in the right direction. Dave Gumpert has arrived in Toronto and we plan to have quite a rally …..and many many thanks to Augie for being such a big help…
    many blessings from Marianne in Canada

  2. I wanted to know first thing this AM what the verdict was……I AM TOTALLY THRILLED, HAPPY, ELATED……not enough adjectives to describe how I feel. I am grateful for people like Michael who endured a hardship for all of us! Thank you Michael. Thank you from one small farmer to another. Thank you.

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