Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale–Rise and Expansion: ARMs in 15 states, 7 countries

I have not been posting much lately. I have been working on another project called Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi). Currently there are 15 states and 7 countries that have joined the ARMi. Today we are introducing our new logo and website at .

ARMi is a network of state/provincial /country sites where people post relevant news and articles, source of raw milk nearby and legislative, regulatory and enforcement actions. The motto is Family.Farm.Food.Freedom. Yes, it is a 4-F Project. The mission is not just about raw milk; it is about the freedom to choose the foods we deem to be healthy for our families and the right to farm our own property without undue government interference. It is also about making farm fresh, wholesome natural foods more accessible to the consumer and contribute to the fast growing segment of food industry. It is also about education, communication and information exchange to benefit members and food groups. Bottom line, it is about Connections and Resources.

These are FaceBook pages so if you are not in the Facebook community of 50 million, you will need to sign up with as little or as much information as you like. You will be prompted to sign up when you try to join the group near you.

There have been so many successes since Christmas Day when we officially launched Wisconsin ARM (WARM) that now has almost 800 members. We counted 80 people coming to the Viraqua WI Max Kane court/rally and about 80 people coming to the Michael Schmidt court/rally through our survey system. Now Georgia ARM (opened on January 21 and has 190 members) have announced they will attend two legislative hearings.

Over 40 bloggers and website operators have already said they will promote ARMi and many will be using our new logo on their sites. Soon we will be launching a national campaign to inform more people about the ARMi to recruit more members. It is not only free, fun and easy to particpate and prmote, it is very rewarding. Please take a moment and answer the following poll on how you will be promoting  the ARMi and your state ARMi.

If you would like to contribute to the development of your state ARM through posting and inviting other prospective farmers and lovers of real food, please email and tell us what ya got with a link to learn more about you. But for now, go to the new webpage for everyone at to see the entire network, including non-Facebookers and go to your state or country and join!

ARMi has a host of industry notables as co-directors, such as Mark McAfee, Kimberly Hartke, Michael Schmidt and Tom German and many others.

Tweet at Twitter: AMRi news feed at Short Link to this page 

The ARMi network would not have grown so fast had it not been for Anji Sandage (who writes and incredibly good blog called the Mean Rooster at and runs the 3000-member Raw Milk facebook site. Thanks, Anji. Soon I will get back to writing more!

6 responses to “Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale–Rise and Expansion: ARMs in 15 states, 7 countries

  1. Girl Gone Domestic

    Way to go Augie! Thanks for allowing me to take part!

  2. I love the name ARMi, by working together we can
    expose the dirty tricks of the Unholy Triangle,
    Big Food, Pharma & its bedfellow Chemical.

    Keep up the good work,

  3. Recover well, you both deserve it!

  4. Thanks for all your hard work! Montana is ready to go!

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