BIG NEWS: 2nd Annual International Raw Milk Symposium– Claiming Your Rights

Now is the Time to Register!

Augie is most pleased to report that the Journal and the Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi) has been named as an official Partner for this international symposium.

If you love your raw milk and your freedom to acquire it and drink it, then “Claiming Consumer Rights” is the conference for you. And, if you are a dairy farmer interested in the herdshare arrangements and legal sales of raw milk, the 2nd Annual International Raw Milk Symposium is the one conference of the year that is a must attend for education, training and networking– and one wonderful time. You will be surrounded by the key moovers and shakers of the industry with an agenda to set in motion major changes in North America to increase the availability of nature’s perfect food: clean, natural raw milk! This is all brought to you by Farm-to-Consumer Foundation.

Registration fees are only $60 ($50 early–that is not a misprint–it is NOT $500)! The complete information with agenda, meals, reception and everything you need to know is now available at or by clicking the graphic above.

Micheal Schmidt and Mark McAfee are just two of the world-class presenters. Hear what they have to say:

Michael Schmidt: Joining Forces in the Food Rights Battle
Raw milk is currently one of the most debated basic foods. It symbolizes for many a return to common sense, be it in farming, nutrition or health. The demonizing of raw milk goes hand in hand with the increase in corporate control of our food production and food supply.

Joining forces requires a new connection between consumer and farmer. It requires a new approach of co-operation between those who grow the food and those who need the food. This is not anymore a farmer’s battle this is a dangerous attack on the entire society. Finding solutions to take back the responsibility for our food will become the key for the survival of generations to come.

Mark McAfee: Raw Milk as Medicine….Proudly Violating FDA Drug Laws
When only FDA-approved drugs cure disease, we the people must violate FDA code and resort to our first amendment rights and speak the truth about raw milk and how it heals very effectively. Raw milk is the most powerful immune system building food on earth and there is plenty of science and people to defend this statement. However the FDA has criminalized any mention of a food as a healing or prevention source.

Just look at this incredible line-up, along with Tim Wightman, Conference Chairman.

Prof. Dr. Anthonie (Ton) Baars: Differentiation of Biodynamic and Conventional Farm Milk Quality and the Impact on Questions of Human

Wayne Craig, B.S. and Kay Craig, M.S.: The Wisconsin Raw Milk Experience – Producer Emily Matthews, RN: The Wisconsin Raw Milk Experience – Consumer.

Sally Fallon Morell, MA:  The Health Benefits of Raw Milk: What the Science Says
Sylvia P. Onusci, Ph.D.: European Raw Milk Perspectives
Elizabeth Gamsky Rich, Esq.:  Private – Public – Legal Distinctions

Those that cannot attend can still participate by donating to the scholarship fund and helping to promote this major event on your blogs, websites and twitters.  The promotional tools are provided! I know you cannot wait to see the Symposium packet laid out right here on the internet. But we want you to answer our 5-question poll.

GO NOW and MOOve over to

FACEBOOKERS: See the low-down on this and RSVP and see who is coming!


I (Augie) am personally especially pleased and honored that two Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi) co-directors (Schmidt and McAfee) are on the Agenda and the ARMi unit Wisconsin ARM (WARM) is an official partner for this international symposium. There will be other ARMi co-directors in attendance.


Another critical event on raw milk legal matters in the State of Wisconsin when farmers, consumers and Wisconsin Alliance for Raw Milk (WA-ARM) face off with the legislative committees in Eau Claire on Tuesday, March 10. This will be the next mission laid out in more detail here at the Journal in the next day or two. Stand by.


2 responses to “BIG NEWS: 2nd Annual International Raw Milk Symposium– Claiming Your Rights

  1. Raw Milk tastes good, too!

  2. Isabel DeBlanc

    It’s time for us to confront the food industry, and claim our right to be healthy. It’s ridiculous that in a free country we can’t have raw milk available to us. The profit of the dairy industry has more power than the citizens of this country. Let’s take back our power.

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