Video: Missouri Court Rules Against Dairy Farmer–Case Must Proceed


Farmers and consumers have formed the Missouri Alliance for Raw Milk (MO-ARM). Join up with the Missouri ARMi if you are from the Show Me state or a surrounding state. Those in other states can go to ARM Internationale to find your state to join up with.

A Missouri dairy farm owner is being sued by the State AG for following the law as written for the sale and delivery of raw milk. Their two teenage girls are said to have been caught trading raw milk on a city parking lot. The court denied a request to dismiss the case. Two stories and a video news cast are provided here.

A Greene County judge has denied a request to dismiss a state lawsuit against a Laclede County couple for selling raw milk in a Springfield parking lot.

Attorney General Chris Koster is suing Armand and Teddi Bechard of Conway after their daughters sold unprocessed milk to two undercover Greene County health inspectors in April 2009 in the parking lot of the Wedgewood Shopping Center.

Representing the State Milk Board, Koster’s office is seeking to prevent the Bechards from using a central distribution point to sell raw milk to customers who pay in advance.

The Bechards’ attorney argued Friday that the law allows the family to sell raw milk from a distribution point. The state claims the law limits the sale of raw milk to just directly from the Bechards’ farm in western Laclede County.

Rest of story at the Springfield MO News-Leader.


3 responses to “Video: Missouri Court Rules Against Dairy Farmer–Case Must Proceed

  1. These Scumbag AG’s have nothing better to do than arrest two teenagers for selling healthier stuff that the same state condones from coming from communist and corrupt China in our “processed food products”? I guess there must be no “real” crime in Missouri, if so, it sounds like a good time to layoff the police force and save tax payers money.

  2. This case may never end.

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