Great Day for Raw Milk!/Another Wisconsin Law Suit


Kathryne Pirtle wrote a brief article today summarizing three powerful presenters at the Wisconsin raw milk hearings. When you finish the article at her blog, you will be in for another treat. You can read about her book on how raw milk and other nutritional protocols healed her of a long-term devastating disorder.

Wisconsin Hearing–Great Day for Raw Milk! History was Made!

Who would have guessed that out of the 500 people who attended the hearing for the legalization of raw milk in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on Wednesday, March 10 and out of the 176 people who testified–the only negative information on raw milk came from a mere handful of paid representatives from food safety! It was a great day for raw milk!

People came from as far as France to testify to the enormous attributes of raw milk–it’s ability to heal and support optimal health when handled in a responsible manner by small family farmers and the ridiculous laws that have shamefully prevented people’s access to this perfect food. It was clear from the testimonies given by doctors, farmers, families, and young and old people from all walks of life–that people are demanding that their right to choose the foods they need to live healthfully and the legalization of raw milk is serious business.

Continue reading the article over at Performance without Pain

Kathryne Pirtle is a co-director of ARMi, a noted Chicago musician and a nutritional health educator.


Also Kimberle Hartke at is also milking the moment with her excellent coverage of the Wisconsin hearings with videos on the Craigs (dairy farmers) suing the State on raw milk issues– and some romantic and relaxing chocolates.

Join Up with the ARMi and be the best you can be. The Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale at Now in 50 states and 7 countries. The ARMi Post website is coming soon for all those who do not want to be on Facebook.


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