Big Triple Play: Raw Milk Weekend Excitement


I agree that the move of Whole Foods Inc. to end retail sales of raw milk will shift the market in favor of the small, local dairy. A boom is already in the making as I monitor ARMi sites around the U.S. Concerns of product liability and safety will further increase the need to be selective in selecting your raw milk supplier using safe production methods. It also underscores the need for North American quality assurance programs to set apart those top quality producers from the average herd. All this news now coinciding tonight with the launch a non-Facebook internet site for Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi) called ARMi Posts.

Raw milk battles continue to escalate in the U.S. with the removal of raw milk from the shelves of giant Whole Foods, Inc. today. Just as soon as a big step was made in Wisconsin on Wednesday, product liability concerns by insurers have forced Whole Foods to end retail sales of the white stuff– at least for now.

Kimberly Hartke has got some real dope on the matter from Mark McAfee– an ARMi co-director– who is making lemonade out of the lemons in this major raw milk shakeup of the markets.

Michael Schmidt, also an ARMi co-director, sings a similar song in that there are blessings here for the small dairies nationwide. This is covered in the most excellent article at the Bovine which also has links to David Gumpert’s article on the subject.

And we have the video footage from the Wisconsin hearings, all 10 hours of it, for your viewing pleasure.

But the final play of the day is the announcement of the non-Facebook ARMi site.

Many ARMi troops are hungry for a non-Facebook gateway to the ARMi and to raw milk and other farm, fresh living food. This is it.

It so happens that the unreachable non-FB folks are on the internet and probably number 10 times those on Facebook. Then there are those who use email only and the non-computer/no phone folk. Now you have 30 times the people to reach out with the 4-F Project– the mission of Family. Farm. Food. Freedom. Read more at the ARMi Posts. (and subscribe)

The cherry on top of my day was my wife returning from the annual cowshare meeting at the dairy we get our raw milk from. She returned with grass-fed filet Mignon– enjoyed with roasted beets, broccoli and baked yams.


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