Downloading Instant Nutrition and Health (E-Products, that is)


The Journal of Natural Food and Healing now has an e-book/product section on food, nutrition and health. Today, we are introducing two instant e-books: a local, organic restaurant guide and a guide on legal vaccination exemptions. We have several other instant e-products in the oven and ready to serve up soon.

I have spoken to a number of authors lately and there are a number of products we will be mentioning from time to time. I am especially excited about an online database-driven interactive application that provides information for over a thousand natural substances (teas, herbs, oils, plants) and the disorders/diseases they assist in curing with instructions for use.

The e-products are not just limited to books– there are Power Point presentations and anything digital such as special documents, registration to seminars.

Of course, your purchase helps support the authors and also the Journal and our other related activities.

If you have or can recommend an e-product to us, please contact Annie at with the information.  – Augie

2 responses to “Downloading Instant Nutrition and Health (E-Products, that is)

  1. Adrienne Larocque

    Thanks, I shared the link on the Nutrition and Metabolism Society group on facebook:!/group.php?gid=276354325431&ref=ts!/group.php?gid=276354325431&ref=ts


  2. i like your posting
    the picture is funny

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