U.S. Organic Restaurant Guide: Healthy Eats Here!

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Going out of town? Where do you find the real grub? Often when I eat at a restaurant that I don’t know, I walk out with a greasy feeling that feels like it permeates all my cells and the artificial excitotoxins keep tingling my tongue. And it takes most of the day for these symptoms to wear off. No need to take this chance with this downloadable ebook that can even install on your phone, palm or laptop.

Hundreds of listings across the United States in this e-book help you find that hidden gem down the street. Author Holly Hickman (pictured below), world traveler and food critic, has dined in all the places she recommends.

Are you someone who:

* Loves a great, tasty meal but is concerned about the pesticides, growth hormones and toxins in most restaurant food?

* Wants a great body & VIBRANT health?

* Wants to know where to find good grub — now! —  wherever you are in the country?

Healthy Eats Here! is the only healthy dining guide of its kind available today: more than 200 pages of immediate, highly detailed, actionable intelligence about local, grass-fed, clean-food, healthy organic restaurants across America – from California to Maine. All you need is a computer or smartphone or e-reader and an appetite!

Find hundreds of restaurants serving real food, raised right™, all for less than the price of one dinner!  (And if you buy now, you’ll qualify for FREE quarterly updates in 2010! A $150 value.)

Dine out. Stay fit. Eat happy.

Buy and instantly download the ebook here

4 responses to “U.S. Organic Restaurant Guide: Healthy Eats Here!

  1. I have met Holly Hickman, and can vouch for the fact that she is really a good sleuth, and has vetted these restaurants. She has high personal standards for her own diet.

    You can trust her recommended restaurants to be of the highest quality, and to source from local, sustainable farms.

  2. Does anyone have the listings for Madison, Wisconsin for those going to the raw milk symposium? I attended a panel discussion yesterday here in Chicago with some of the city’s newest highly acclaimed chefs. They all serve local organic food whenever possible, as well as pasture-raised meats and dairy. They also use the entire animal, including organs, bone marrow, bones, feet and heads. Their focus was on environmentally sustainable eating and offering a high-quality restaurant and food experience at an affordable price in a small format. Before this, I was not aware that there were restaurants right in my city with grass fed organ meats and other nutrient dense foods on the menu on a near daily basis. I can’t wait to visit some of them and discover culinary excellence with some of the world’s most nourishing foods.

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