Testimony of Raw Milk’s Healing Power


This short and powerful presentation by Kathleen Pirtle is one of thousands of inspiring current accounts on the natural curative powers of raw, unpasteurized, non-homogenized, chemical-free milk. These facts were commonly known by doctors and clinics all over the U.S. 60 to 100 years ago–but somehow the knowledge has been lost . . . or hidden from us.–Augie

This piece is called My Testimony from the Hearing to Legalize Raw Milk in Wisconsin–March 10, 2010–Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

MY NAME IS Kathryne Pirtle and I am a professional clarinetist with a national career. I play with the Orion Ensemble, which tours throughout North America and am Principal Clarinetist of the Lake Forest Symphony. I also often perform with the Lyric Opera, Ravinia Festival and Chicago Symphony Orchestras. I am 52 years old and at age 45 I nearly died from a severe digestive disorder. I had suffered from chronic pain for 25 years. However, I had followed all the healthy high-fiber, low-fat eating dictates that we are told are necessary to insure good health for my entire life. Excellent health is very important to me. I ate lots of salads, grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, a little meat, eggs and dairy and only vegetable oils—no butter.

However, this way of eating was making me very ill. Besides being in chronic pain, at 42 I began experiencing acid reflux, and I developed a severe digestive disorder at 45 which caused me to have chronic diarrhea. I was going to the bathroom about 15 times a day!

Now go to Kathryne’s blog to see how she found the solution.

If you hunt at her blog, there is a special treat: a 3-minute video on the topic of nutritional healing and if you follow the links to her professional site you will find a music video of a fine classical piece by her ensemble.

Don’t forget to join up with the raw milk ARMi in your state at http://wholefoodusa.org Now for non-Facebookers as well. Be all you can be.

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