NoZone – Ask Your Doctor

A Funny 5-minute Spoof on Prescription Drugs

If it were not for the human tragedy of much of modern medicine miracles and wonder drugs, it would be a fine comedy. This spoof is on NoZone, another wonder drug to mask symptoms while allowing the cause to thrive and create other symptoms.

When I was with the Marathon Oil Company in Findlay, Ohio, we were asked to enter a naming contest for a new gasoline more friendly to the environment. I coined the name NoZone and it was named second place (even though I thought it was the clear winner). They said it would make the general public think that the new gas might put them asleep at the wheel. I am glad to see the word used in a constructive way to draw attention to the mass drugging going around. It was as if the general public is asleep to what is going on. Some say that is what some of the drugs will do.

In these dark and depressed times, might it not be said more than ever that laughter is the best medicine? To bring you even more relief,  perhaps even to some healing, sometime in future, a certain mechanism could be offered. I would hope that the magic elixer of my script would cause you to need to reach for your credit card and insert it into a box here and thereby speed your recovery– which we could rightfully claim it is life-extension technology– without the need for FDA approval.

If you think this clip is funny, the most hilarious cartoon on The Drugs I  Need is available here at the Journal along with some award-winning cartoons like The Meatrix and Store Wars in the Comic Section of today’s Journal.

2 responses to “NoZone – Ask Your Doctor

  1. I liked his END THE FED video, but this is great, too. Don’t it make you mad that besides not protecting us- we are paying their salaries and bonuses, too!

  2. BRILLIANT! And under government sick-care, we can expect much, much more of the same.

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