As Seen on TV: Drastic Health Effects from School Junk Lunches

The Jamie Oliver Show on ABC featured a 43-minute show on the Real Food Revolution. The locale is Huntington, WV– the sickest and one of the fattest cities in America. The footage of the school food is enough to make you sick–poor children– jobbed out to the state to indoctrinate– and then feed them very poor food. This is well worth the time–so many of my readers emailed me and highly recommended it. Study after study with schoolchildren, school lunches (junk food) causes obesity, diabetes¬†and many other health and learning problems including behavior and learning difficulties. The solution from the USDA and school food giants (part of the government/corporate partnership is to “nourish them more” by offering breakfast and dinner.

Then the school psychologists (dumbed-down by universities and continued indoctrination disguised as education) recommends psychiatric treatment to control behaviors through psychosomatic drugs promoting life-long dependency on the public health care system and medical establishment.

Go to this Jamie Oliver Show.


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