Local Living Food Bulletins and Healthy Kids Recipe/Teaching Cards

MADISON, WISCONSIN (April 10, 2010)– The ARMi (Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale) announced the introduction of a companion set of educational materials for family and children health and nutrition at the 2nd Annual International Raw Milk Symposium held at the Monona Terrace Hilton in Madison, Wisconsin. The Symposium was sponsored by the Farm to Consumer Foundation.

A new local bulletin service called Living Food helps connect consumers to farm fresh foods and features recipes with health benefit information. “We are pleased to have a line-up of real food producers as national, state and local sponsors to begin the test marketing and initial distribution in three locales–Canton, Ohio; Boise, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah” said David M. Augenstein (Augie), publisher of the Journal of Natural Food and Healing and the new bulletin service. “The concept is really simple: providing local connections to healthy farm food with instruction on proper preparation for optimal nutrition which can  greatly assist in maintaining and restoring health in the family” A sample and sponsorship/advertising details are available at http://wholefoodusa.org/livingfood.htm .(Its Facebook fan page is http://facebook/com/livingfood gathered nearly 700 fans since its Easter Day opening).

In addition, a Healthy Kids Recipe book–which can be digitally downloaded– will be available in May. It features nutrient-dense recipes kids can prepare using farm fresh ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner–including treats–and provides some education on the ingredients and why they are healthy. Kids can cut out the cards, color the pictures and put them on a ring to hang in the kitchen. There is also a Parents Guide with further health information. Author Anji Sandage says “When children learn about nutrition early, it helps improve the health in the home and in society. Kids learn a lot from being in the kitchen with you: They learn about measuring, arithmetic, science and nutritional health, they build self esteem and independence.” The Healthy Kids Recipe Book is working toward improving the nutritional deficit in the home by teaching children early about cooking and health. “When they taste the difference and feel better they will learn the importance of eating right– and may even experience some healing” Anji explains.

Finally, the ARMi and its A3 Division, announced it will also be deploying a new e-book called Liberation Wellness by Kevin Brown, rounding out the companion offerings.  This short, power-packed e-book provides with adults with instruction on diet, weight loss, excerise and nutrition– showing how much of what we hear on these subjects from public health, health care industry and the food industry are just plain wrong.

The e-book, e-cards and the Living Food e-bulletin will be available in a bundle or separately– and in hard-copy– by April 20. The ARMi (Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale) is a  state-specific internet service in all fifty states promoting family farm food freedom (4-F) and health education and related events with connections to real food in each area. Its prime information is located on Facebook pages from its website at wholefoodusa.org .


The e-book, e-cards and the Living Food e-bulletin will be available in a bundle or separately– and in hard-copy– here at the Journal sometime in May. If you are interested in a local Living Food bulletin service for your county area, or want to distribute the national edition at your meetings, seminars and farmers markets, email daugenstein@sbcglobal.net for details. –Augie


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