Naturally iShop for Living Food and Healing– Plus 5 Puzzles

 The Journal of Natural Food and Healing is coming out with a local Living Food publication for all areas of the U.S. It was announced and introduced at the International Raw Milk Symposium. But also we are opening an online store for eBooks and Edibles. It is called iShop. I do not know which is more exciting, but this is why Annie and I have been so busy.

These products will be marketed through ARMi (Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale) and its willing officers, as well as other outlets. You can learn more about the paper-medium, local Living Food bulletin and its online companion by going to . You will get a FREE sample of Living Food here and learn more about sponsoring it if you are a business, become a local publisher by getting local sponsors or be an important distributor. Everyone makes slow money offering slow, living food! From there, Facebookers can go to the Living Food page and fan it and share it.

Just tonight I finished the logo I designed and assembled with PhotoDraw– so that alone has taken many hours over almost three weeks of thought, dreaming and a lot of evolution in each element. I enjoy graphic arts and a logo must capture a message that has impact that leaves an impression in the mind as it expresses a concept or idea–in this case a product and service. Every element is important: name, taglines, graphic, and colors must capture the product creators vision and message. There is a lot more to it than this– including visioning and attempting to communicate to a person’s psyche. The slightest detail can be crucial: this logo is missing a very important yet so small that you will not notice. Can you guess?

First, I will tell you something you probably did not catch even if you study it: it reads as a sentence. 

Next, you may have seen the “i” a few times on the internet. But I will tell you part of the mystery of the i in the logo as the i in ARMi. It means at least 5 things– information, internet and inspiration are only three. I might tell what the other i’s are later; you can only guess right now. 

The HUGE error is a very, very small omission–very slight yet most important. Can you guess? It is a PERIOD at the end of the sentence, after the word Healing. (One reason why it is important is that Annie said to add it and I did not; the other it is will bother me for as long as I leave it out). Now I have to spend another 30 minutes to go through the process of adding the period. And that includes the design time. Yes, it will require several tries designing the period, not because I am slow (oh, like I said above, there is Slow Money in offering the Slow Food–see local distributor details) but because I have to properly size the period.

Now you may try to guess the other symbol on the logo.

 I must thank all of my readers, subscribers and thousands of Facebook friends and fans that has given me the motivation, and the professional associates and affiliates–authors, doctors, nutritionists, farmers and food providers, bloggers and everyone jumping on board this milk wagon– including The Weston A. Price Foundation members and Officers of the ARMi. I must also give much credit to Anji Sandage who has helped me in every step of the way, and my wife who has not only helped but sacrificed alot of time with me and doing other things we enjoy together. 

Please go to to get the lowdown and use the Share buttons below or at Facebook to begin mooving this real milk train moving the living food. 
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