Autism, Raw Milk and Forced Vaccination


Just my opinion . . .

There is a link between autism and raw milk . . . taken with forced vaccination. There is a connection to the people behind crème cartel, the monopoly milk machine, and the poisoned needles and those that want to stop the spread of information that nutritional (biomedical) intervention, especially goat’s milk, is highly successful for many disorders including neurological ones like autism. 

The debate over the health benefits of raw, farm-fresh, unprocessed whole milk has long been settled. The controversy of the health effects caused by factory processed milk from concentrated animal feeding operations, together with the chemical additives, is beginning to escalate and take a strong hold. So many of the disorders and diseases can be linked to or made worse from drinking the denatured product from supermarkets; the same disorders that can be relieved, at least in part, by its natural counterpart. (see The Journal’s dairy section for more details)

But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as myriad sister agencies and the government/corporate partnerships are making a lot of noise over God-given milk from small farms. They are doing all they can to shut the mouths of the doctors, nutritionists and moms who claim so many health benefits from the illegal moo-shine—while in Europe and the world over—it is the health drink of choice.

This became abundantly clear this week when the government/corporate bedfellows exposed some skin through joint news releases and statements coming from Washington, DC—just as the Wisconsin governor was being pressured to veto the bill to make real milk “legal” in America’s Dairyland. In one release, it was stated twice about the concern over the risk to children’s health in farm families that drink their milk. (Will the raw milk war become a children’s rights issue now? After all, any good politician needs to save the children and grandchildren.)

There is a constant roar in the press and on news stations daily, in courts and hearings and in the offices of legislators and regulators. The monotonous drone of the decades-old worn-out topic over the government-protected, corporate-controlled factory milk and the healthy natural milk produced by parents and children on little farms from pastured cows on rolling hills continues . . . all over the fear that a speck of manure might fall into the milk– or so it is said—and someone might get a case of the runs. (their own numbers say there have been only two deaths in 12 years traced to drinking farm fresh milk.)

But it gets worse.

It is the same forces behind crème cartel, the monopoly milk machine, as the poisoned needles (and the forced mass medication by fluoridation of drinking water). U.S. children are being forced vaccinated, by the same public/private health industry, with up to 60 doses of relatively high levels of known toxic compounds, mutated disease organisms, including some with cells from aborted babies.  This is done without proper informed consent of the parents—and in many cases against their wishes. Nearly half of children now suffer disorders including 1 of 100 or more with autism—and more and more informed professionals and parents know there is a link with vaccines and that vaccinations, for the most part, are neither safe, effective or necessary—and many on the inside know too. (see reference below)

Like with the real milk/food-health revolution, the vaccination/autism awareness movement is reaching critical mass—so much so the food and health industry is running scared—of its fraud and corruption being exposed for all the public to see.


Instant Ebook on Legal Vaccination Exemptions

For research with 900 references on the safety, effectiveness and necessity of vaccinations, see Neil Z. Miller at

3 responses to “Autism, Raw Milk and Forced Vaccination

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  2. I think people are going to look back on this time period and see that we’re destroying ourselves trying to mass produce everything as cheaply as possible.

  3. annsjamminagain

    This is all coming together. Dr. Wakefield is standing up, David Kirby is speaking up again…..Evidence of Harm and Callous Disregard are everywhere! Nice newsletter, Augie! It is getting too complicated and expensive to simplify my life!

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