Chocolate Strawberries!


Strawberries are just starting to turn red here in Ohio. I am reposting this from last year– as it got many hits.

(June 16, 20009) Kimmi Harris, the Nourishing Gourmet, was right 0n time with the recipe for chocolate strawberries, right before I went out to pick two quarts out of my own patch. Here’s Kimme:

Ripe, sweet, in season strawberries are dipped into darkest dark chocolate. Left in lonely solitude, the chocolate hardens into a shell around the strawberry. A bite takes you through the bitter chocolate to the sweet strawberry for a heavenly match.

Lest you think that having fruit for dessert always has to be a non-decadent treat, I thought I would feature this fruit based dessert first. Strawberries are in season where I live right now, in all of their beautiful red glory, and it’s time to enjoy them in as many ways as we can! If you get tired (if that’s possible) of eating them plain, with cream, or in smoothies, this is another wonderful way to enjoy them.

Finish the article and get the recipe at the Nourishing Gourmet.

One response to “Chocolate Strawberries!

  1. they sound so yommy.

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