5 Winning Strategies for the Farm Food Freedom Wars

Here is a super article on some winning strategies by Bust the Trust that was posted over at Food Freedom.  A beautiful article on Celiac disease cause and recovery by a contributor is on the front page. Tomorrow there will be a report on the dire and sad situation continuing to develop in Missouri in regard to a raw milk court case next week. –Augie

Five Things You Can Do to Break up Big Food and Build Local Food Economies

by Bust the Trust

Big agribusiness has taken over your dinner table. This corporate domination has harmed farmers, who are stuck buying inputs and selling product to a tiny number of corporations. Monopoly power over our food has also limited the number of consumer choices to a few brands of unhealthy processed foods, and many neighborhoods are left without any fresh produce at all. This corporate food chain is being exported worldwide by these same companies. What we need instead is a just and sustainable food system that makes sure farmers make a decent living and everyone can afford good food.

This is an historic opportunity for all of us—farmers, consumers, environmentalists, community activists, advocates fighting global poverty and hunger, and you—to get involved, make our voices heard and demand that the rampant corporate control of our food, farms and family dinners be stopped.

There are many ways to participate in this new food renaissance —to get involved, make your voice heard and take back control of America’s food and farms from giant, unregulated corporations. We hope that you’ll join us today.

Here’s 5 things you can do, right now:


Help build a healthy, fair food system right where you live. Every less dollar underwriting agribusiness means more economic development, meaningful employment and self-reliance for your community. Support local farmers’ markets, CSAs, farmer and community food justice organizations, and if you can, gather your family or community together and grow a garden. Or just start one yourself . . . you will see that others will soon join you.


Find out how your local efforts can help grow food democracy at home while also contributing to the world-wide movement for food sovereignty. Read more at theUS Working Group on the Food Crisis and at La Via Campesina. Check out “Food for Thought and Action: A Food Sovereignty Curriculum” from Grassroots International for more ideas.


You can organize local events in your town, hold teach-ins, house parties, or community education events to talk about the impacts of a corporate dominated food system while also promoting the growing local foods movement in the U.S. You can also host a grub it up party (www.grubitup.org) to talk about what it takes to have healthy, green, fair and affordable food for all.

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper that explains why the corporate control of agriculture hurts farmers and consumers in your area, why these workshops are an historic opportunity to bring these vital issues into clearer focus, and why local politicians that care about good food, fair farm policies and local economies should speak out.


Read more at Food Freedom . . .


6 responses to “5 Winning Strategies for the Farm Food Freedom Wars

  1. this is awesome! agribusiness needs to go down. i am super broke so i have to give in sometimes but i try to stay local. any little bit helps.

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  3. Other ideas:
    Promote and support your local farmer of real foods

    Develop an email list and join discussion groups list to provide communications to your local and state contacts

    Join the ARMi (Alliance for Raw Milk) in your state http://wholefoodusa.org

    Integrate your communication system and develop relationships with influencers in family, farm, food and freedom groups in you state/local area.

    Develop relationships with those inside govt agencies who are likeminded who can help spread the message

    Use your e-mail system to forward important notices/events/alerts

    Encourage others to do likewise!

  4. if you live in the city, like san francisco for example, you can join a csa program like this one:

    they deliver fresh farm vegetables and fruits directly to your home.

  5. We must *all* get busy on this; it is so large and widespread a problem, with devastating effects if we do not turn around from Big Ag and back to Small Family Farm! Please, please, please, everyone, Patronize your local small family farm, not the big chain grocer. Write, call, fax & email your law makers to let them know specifically what your concerns are. Meet with them personally whenever possible! And spread the word.

  6. That’s only 4.

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