Causes and Recovery from Celiac Disease/Digestion Disorders/Gluten Intolerance

Maureen Diaz has a remarkable article on the above-referenced subject over at Liberation Wellness. There is tremendous hope out there for these conditions simply using foods.  (We will cover Acid Reflux Cause and Recovery– as well as HIV/AIDs and AIDs-like conditions in the near future– but you will need to subscribe free –above right–to receive these). I am very happy to introduce you to Maureen whom I have met and talked by phone a couple of times.

Maureen Diaz is a stay-at-home mom, certified Liberation Wellness Educator & Nutritionist, and a Weston A Price Foundationchapter leader.  She has also produced several DVD’s which teach conscientious cooks how to prepare nutrient-dense meals for their families.  For more information, contact Maureen at and watch for her website, which is currently under construction.

Gluten Intolerance; the New Health Dilemma

How many friends and family have turned up lately with a diagnosis of “Celiacs Disease” or “Gluten Intolerance”? Perhaps you’ve been given this diagnosis yourself? It seems like nearly everyone these days has a problem with this mysterious food component (found in wheat, spelt, emmert, rye, barley, and a close cousin in oats) in spite of the fact that people have consumed grains for thousands of years. What’s up with that?!

Well, there are a variety of reasons to explain this (historically) sudden food sensitivity. Let’s explore a few.

First, we are not typically consuming the same grains as we were, say, 100 years ago. Our modern grains are hybridized, sterilized, and modernized in ways that grain has never been before. The amino acid profile of a modern grain of wheat, for example, is very different from its predecessors such as spelt, emmert, and other ancient grains. Then there are the new-fangled GMO’s, with all their inherent dangers. But this alone does not explain the problem.

Several things which explain much of our gluten woes are simply our methods of harvesting, storing, and preparing our grains. In times-gone-by grains were “weathered” in the field before harvesting, exposing the ripened kernels to the morning dew and the warmth of the sun. This, coupled with old-time methods of fermenting flour into various types of breads or other grain-based dishes, had a unique effect: it neutralized several “anti-nutrients” such as phytic acid (which is very irritating to the lining of the gut, and blocks mineral absorption) and enzyme inhibitors (which neutralize some of the digestive enzymes needed to break down the foods we eat). Additionally these grains had formerly been stored in clay or wooden vessels, but are now stored in huge concrete or steel silos- the perfect environment for fungus and mold to proliferate!

But there are still more reasons why gluten, and grains in general, have become problematic: we have severely damaged our guts, usually without even realizing it! 

READ MORE . . .Gluten Intolerance; the New Health Dilemma


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