Ohio Amish Farm Field Day with 6000 Amish

Imagine an all day event with 6000 Amish and lots of horses and buggies. 

I get to invite everyone on here and on all of my Ohio lists, but tourist types are not really wanted–so keep it to real farmers, gardeners and foodies and anyone else as you are led. We brought 100 last year. This one is Sat Jul 17.

My story from last year including photos is here— with some personal moments that you will enjoy. It is being hosted by my friends on a 200-acre organic dairy deep into the world’s largest Amish settlement.

ALSO Ohioans may want to join Ohio Connections to Natural Food and Healing http://wholefood.meetup.com/165 so you can RSVP– but you do not have too.
(An added bonus is Ohio Connections to Natural Food and Healing members will have 30 minutes to meet each other. Plus this is the national debut of Annie’s and my new Living Food publication and our national, state and local sponsors– if you need new business–we need more advertising sponsors– or you can make some easy slow money and bartering tools as a local distributor, http://wholefoodusa.org/livingfood.htm )

BROCHURE for the event is here. Enjoy.


4 responses to “Ohio Amish Farm Field Day with 6000 Amish

  1. Hi
    Is it true that the rate of autism amongst the Amish in the US is virtually non-existent? Is it also true that the Amish have a higher rate of genetic disorders ? This may well be a stereo type propagated by non-Amish folk. I would appreciate it if you could give me some data on the rate of autism amongst the Amish. I am a parent of a child with autism and I am interested in the conflicting info out there regarding the rate of autism in Amish communities. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the info. I don’t suppose the Amish folk would volunteer for mainstream medical research and much of the info that comes out of the US is controlled by mainstream medicine and information on such communities is shrouded in mystery. From your writing it appears that the Amish are not as medicalised as the rest of American society. Websites like yours give a different perspective and is really quite informative. Thank you for that.

  3. Dini, I had a friend in college who did a research project on genetic disorders in the Amish communities. There does seem to be a larger percentage of genetic disorders as compared to the rest of the country. This is generally attributed to being such a closed society for such a long time (less than average amount of genetic variation).

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