ALERT: Wisconsin Family Food Ministries Raided for Raw Milk– Defying Orders


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The Grazin’ Acres Incident 

Government raids like the one at Grazin’Acres seem to have one big factor in common. Not only are these farmers big on independence and healthy farm and food production, they usually have a belief it is their calling and mission to do so. The issue is becoming more obvious that these targeted raids are against those who are exercising  their religious beliefs. We look forward to see how the accusations of religious discrimination and even persecution will play out in the new public marketplace of ideas in regards to farm food raids and legal actions. At least that is my thought.–Augie


Another family dairy farm and their  private store for their food ministry has been raided in Wisconsin by state/county health and agriculture agencies.

The State and its agents may have bitten the wrong farmer, Vernon Hershberger at Grazin’ Acres Farm in Loganville WI. He is defying the orders to cease his dairy operations; he understands he does not need permission from the government to farm and share his produce with friends and family. The Hershbergers have nine children. He understands what the right to private property is and he has the right to contract with an individual without needing a permit to do so.

The DATCP brought in the armed deputies for 6 hours to lock it up and take evidence. That does not stop Vernon.

“This is how I make a living,” Vernon Hershberger, a Loganville dairy farmer, said Thursday morning. “We are going to go right ahead and do business.”

Hershberger said roughly 100 families, including some Madison customers, purchase raw milk, yogurt, cheese, butter and ice cream from a store on his farm that is open for business Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.



UPDATE (Friday, June 4)

The Grazin’ Acres Incident

I spoke with Vernon Hershberger tonight and was amazed at how calm he was explaining what happened during the raid.  They came for him because he refused to answer a lengthy state survey about his dairy. When they came to inspect, he REFUSED three times, stating they had no jurisdiction over him because he was not licensed. They called the sheriff and within 90 minutes armed deputies arrived with a warrant. There were about ten on the team. He refused to answer their questions, saying the warrant does not list the requirement to answer questions. (The answers can and will be used against him in the legal proceedings to follow. ) The deputies sealed up the refrigerators with tape to mark them as evidence.

The raid team took product samples for chemical and biological laboratory analysis. The raid team also went to the large dairy tank of fresh, farm certified organic wholesome milk and intentionally contaminated it. They dropped a blue dye in it such that it turns all the milk blue. It is not saleable or drinkable. He cannot use it as valuable fertilizer as it is not an approved input—it may contain toxic compounds also.

After they left, Vernon and about two dozen friends, families and customers who arrived in ten cars during the six hour raid—BROKE THE SEALS (another criminal offence)—so that they could get to their milk, cream, butter, ice cream, yogurt and other products—that they produced and owned and needed so that their families can live and is required to maintain robust health and energy.

I asked Vernon if it would be OK to report his crime in the Journal for all to see: that he defied the orders of the State by BREAKING THE SEALS of state evidence—so that they could get to their food needed to live. “No problem, go right ahead and tell”, he told me. “We have no other choice but to break the seals and take our food”.

The raid team also demanded computers and customer lists and business records. Between the time the health department showed up and when the deputies came with the warrant to search and seize, Vernon and his family took the computer drive and records and hid them in an undisclosed off-site location. I made doubly sure it would be OK to report this here and to the DATCP and county officials who will be reading this—and Vernon said it would be OK to report this. (It is as if it is an invitation to the State to come and play hide and seek. The customer and supplier lists are then used to interrogate and request surveys of them as to further widen the witch hunt—as in Minnesota).

Vernon also had two statements to make for the Journal. He said

“It is time for the government to recognize the right to private property and respect the right to contract with private individuals.”

I asked Vernon what message he would like to leave Journal readers about farm and food freedom and the severe penalties he is facing with the charges pending from the court.

“We must all remember, united we stand, divided we fall—we must stand together unified to demonstrate that individuals have the right to choose the foods to eat they deem healthy and they have the right to contract privately with whomever they wish”.

There will be more video taken by customers at the scene posted with this one:

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A fundraiser is being set up on behalf of Vernon Hershberger and Grazin’ Acres farms and their customers for the mounting legal and related expenses to defend themselves. The fundraiser will be sponsored by the ARMi.


Here are links to the stories:

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According to Rosanne Lindsay, of Wisconsin ARMi:

“Two of us went to the farm today, early, and collected our orders. From what I’ve been told, its business as usual, so go and continue to support the Hershbergers and other local farmers before rogue state agencies usurp our rights to contract under the Bill of Rights.”

The woman responsible for the raid on Vernon Hershberger’s farm can be reached at

this work number (608) 224-4734 ,

this email address: ,

or this address: 2811 Agriculture Drive. Madison, WI 53718

Her full name and title is Jacqueline Owens, R.S. Field Services Director Bureau of Food Safety & Inspection.

All readers are urged to join the ARMi (Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale) with units in every state. There are close to 1000 members of the Wisconsin ARMi– their Facebook page is buzzing over the news.

In their mission to control food and agriculture to make it safe, the Wisconsin  Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection is causing healthy farm fresh food to be withheld and unavailable to people who need it to maintain and restore their health. They have been doing that all over Wisconsin by raids and legal actions; and the trend is growing in many other states.

In effect, those who hold the beliefs that we are to work and produce of our chosen vocation and calling so as to be able to provide to others that have need, are prevented from doing such under any circumstances, without the permission of the State.

I met Vernon in March in Madison WI at the Raw Milk Symposium and I really enjoyed talking to him. I am waiting for his return phone call now. — Augie


FACEBOOKERS ONLY– The Hershberger Family Farm Food Freedom (4-F) Fund

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54 responses to “ALERT: Wisconsin Family Food Ministries Raided for Raw Milk– Defying Orders

  1. I agree with the farmer. It is my choice if I want to drink raw milk and pay for it if I want to. Since when does the government tell me what I can consume and what I cannot?? This is total fascism.
    I am really upset about this. I have purchased raw milk and nonpasturized apple cider for years and none of us have ever gotten sick.

    More people die from reaction to FDA approved drugs than they die from raw milk , salmonella, and every other type of food poisoning. This is really bad news.

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  3. Funny, it was almost legal in Wisconsin and now they are on the attack.

  4. Some of the funds raised would be well used by joining the Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund if the farmer isn’t already a member.

  5. Dear Ms Owens, It saddens me that our Government doesn’t have better things to do with our $$$ than to pick on farmers who supply us (Educated consumers) with nourishing foods. Obviously you are not one of us, but we are growing in numbers so I am sure we will prevail Who pays your Agency? The Putrefied Dairy Industry? or the FDA(which is a joke of an Agency) You should try some RAW Dairy products, maybe you would become more intelligent and be able to think more clearly. Thank You for your time Roger W Sarcia

  6. Go Vernon! It is legal for the family on a dairy to drink the raw milk from their cows – however, the city does not allow me to keep a cow in my yard. Thank you Vernon for “boarding” my cow and tending to its needs in my absence allowing me to provide clean, nutritous raw milk to my family! The DATCP does not dictate to me what I serve at my dinner table.

  7. It’s funny: law-abiding people are banned from purchasing raw milk. ILLEGAL aliens receive US Food Stamps and all sorts of education and medical health services and probably jobs and housing.

    • Brooke, don’t make this an immigration issue. All that does is stir up hatred for illegal immigrants. No need to do that. Keep the focus where it needs to be. On the government. And by the way, those ‘illegal immigrants’ do work most americans wouldn’t even consider and for wages they wouldn’t consider. Consider that!

  8. I hold a dear place in my heart for this story! Yeah Vernon! There is a story about everyday if not more about this sort of action all across the country. The industry is running scared and YES, WE MUST UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!! If we lose, so will our children. I will support this movement until it is no longer a movement but supported by our government. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  9. Screw a fundraiser it’s time for a muster.

    • We have mustered and the ARMi has called in the troops with the top guns (figuratively). Join the ARMi at

      You are right– and we have all the funds we need!

      v. mus·tered, mus·ter·ing, mus·ters
      1. To call (troops) together, as for inspection.
      2. To cause to come together; gather: Bring all the volunteers you can muster.
      3. To call forth; summon up: mustering up her strength for the ordeal. See Synonyms at call.
      To assemble or gather: mustering for inspection.
      a. A gathering, especially of troops, for service, inspection, review, or roll call.
      b. The persons assembled for such a gathering.
      2. A muster roll.
      3. A gathering or collection: a muster of business leaders at a luncheon.
      4. A flock of peacocks. See Synonyms at flock1.
      Phrasal Verbs:
      muster in
      To enlist or be enlisted in military service: She mustered in at the age of 18.
      muster out
      To discharge or be discharged from military service: He was mustered out when the war ended.
      pass muster
      To be judged as acceptable.
      [Middle English mustren, from Old French moustrer, from Latin mnstrre, to show, from mnstrum, sign, portent, from monre, to warn; see men-1 in Indo-European roots.]

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  11. The folks in that county need to start calling the sheriff and asking him to defend and protect the Constitution as he swore he would when he took the oath of office. He has the authority to stop the feds and DATCP.

    My hat is off to Vernon for taking a stand. He is risking a lot. We’ve all heard the story with the ending, “When they came for me, there was no one left.”

    I interviewed Rob Taylor who is running for the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin under the Constitution party. And we discussed this very right of freedom to choose foods we desire and what we need to do to win back that freedom:

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  13. Go Vernon!!!!! My grandfather had a dairy farm in Upper NY state and I remember drinking milk, still warm, from his cows….Delicious! and hey I am still alive….Don’t let them run you over….

  14. I really admire Vernon for his bravery. I’ll be praying for him and his family to win.

  15. The global leader in Blogging services, WordPress, ranked this article in the top 100 read worldwide, for today and yesterday. It ranked 65 and 84. The other article ranking this high was the Manna Storehouse SWAT team raid.

  16. Sylvia Onusic, PhD

    I am praying and supporting Vernon. What he is doing is indeed spiritual, following his religious beliefs in producing healthful food to nourish human bodies, not soul-less factory grub which is not intended for nourishing but for promoting sickness and disease- look at the state of our nation’s health on industrial food,

    The State is forcefully depriving us of our God given right to food sovereignity, to eat what makes us healthy, and the right to save seeds!
    When we act as sheep and quiver in the corner, that makes them stronger. But not Vernon, he is our Champion.

    • Coming from PhD in nutrition and a doctor of naturopathy such as you Sylvia. your statement means even more and shows the quality of the readers we have at the Journal.

      It is time to take back what they thought they took from us but never did in the first place–but did a good job convincing us they had.

      Imagine a tyrannical government who forcefully takes healthy food away from us and forces us to eat at their toxic trough. It is literally taking the babies away for the mother’s breasts.

      Let us all rally around Vernon and Erma and the nine children and their Amish friends and Families who eat with them. This is our religious duty. If we do not do this now, we never will.

  17. I would say it is more of a civic duty to support and stand behind those who fight the good fight for us. I wish more people had the courage to say NO and put the government back in its rightful place: that of serving the true government of the people.

  18. The woman serving the warrant in the video is Cathy Anderson, an inspector for DATCP. When she came to my farm last year she was wearing open-toed sandals and was driving a convertible (I didn’t see the license plates, but assume it was a state-owned vehicle).

    I asked her if she drank raw milk, and she said she did when she was growing up on the farm. Her job, now, is to deprive others of drinking the same raw milk she enjoyed as a child. These high-paid drones can’t see themselves for the sad unholy hypocrites they are. Guess money and power are more important than morals and ethics.

  19. Farmer Vernon Hershberger has changed with his act of defiance the entire dynamic in the raw milk battle in the US.
    What Max Kane has done for the consumers, Vernon Hershberger is doing right now for the farmers.
    Finally we have a farmer who openly challenges Government bureaucrats with courage and determination. It will be of utmost importance that those who truly believe in individual rights and fundamental freedom to rise up and join Vernon Hershberger.
    His act of open resistance will become a milestone in this battle for food rights and fundamental freedom.
    Everyone is called upon to stand behind the Hershberg Family in anyway possible.
    The next weeks will be extremely crucial: this will of defiance will spread like wildfire.
    It is not about you and me this is about our children and our future.
    Thanks Max Kane and Vernon Hershberger

  20. Any outside chance this agent is actually sympathetic to the cause? It’s been said that the surest way to defeat an unfair law is to enforce it and cause a huge public outcry.


  22. Erma and Vernon, you are our heroes. I wish I had your courage. God bless you and the kids. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do.

    I’ll be going to the fundraiser, of course, and doing whatever else is needed.

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  24. This food revolution shouldn’t stop at just dairy products but should continue on with fruits, veggies, treatment of farm animals.

    Thank you Vernon for being the freedom fighter that you are! The food revolution WILL succeed.

    I’m so happy to hear about this 🙂

  25. The government won’t let me drink healthy nutritious raw milk. But they will allow it to be poisoned with harmful artificial hormones.
    I can eat McDonalds and smoke two packs a day, but
    to drink healthful raw milk is wrong?
    Let ME make my choice.

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  27. Hi, nice post! I really like your post about The Grazin’ Acres Incident.

    Love the picture! They are so cute.

    Keep the good work!

  28. Christi Uhing

    We’re praying and jamming the district attorney’s fax from here in Nebraska!! God is with you so who can be against you?!!

    • Christi, I’ve been trying to find you my old high school friend. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your brother and would love to get back in touch. You can find me on facebook. Susan Stewart

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  31. Click to access public-servant-questionnaire.pdf

    Public Servant Questionnaire – Very good

  32. Nice blog !

    Our magazine covers soemthing similar in Canada. They are look for new stories and ideas all the time. Anything and everything that is non mainstream and everything that gets people thinking.


  33. Nice blog !

    Our magazine Family Health & Life covers something similar in Canada. Anything and everything that is non mainstream (health, wellness, natural medicine, alternate healing, yoga, fitness).. and everything that gets people thinking or helps them in some way. Your blog post is great !


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  38. There is a bill in the senate now S 510 that will further empower these loons. They are using our funds to deprive us of our rights. We must work together to remove congressmen that are not doing their jobs! Their job is not to write thousands of pages of unread bills it is to UPHOLD AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION FROM ALL THREATS FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. We created this government to secure our rights, ironic huh. We need to put aside the petty crap they use to divide us and work together to restore our Republic! We don’t live in a democracy in a democracy if 51% of the people decide it is not okay to buy raw milk it becomes illegal. Under a Republic you have the rights and the governments job is to protect the rights of the individual. The Constitution was written to limit the power of government so they could not go nuts like this!

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  40. I’ve got goosebumps reading this article. Go Vernon! My family drinks raw milk here in South Florida and we’ve had to hide and lie and get our milk in dark warehouses. Why can’t we be free to do as we wish with our bodies on our property? The government needs a healthy dose of ‘mind your own business!’

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