Vermont Dairy Farmer Victorious Over U.S. Government/Homeland Security

Property Rights

A Vermont dairy farmer has stood his ground against the U.S. government and Homeland Security and has won the right to keep and farm his own land. In an AP story out an hour ago, gives the good news:

U.S. Customs officials initially wanted to take 10 acres from the dairy farm, then cut it to 4.9 acres, warning the family in a letter that if it didn’t agree to sell for $39,500, the land would be seized through eminent domain. Last month, officials reduced that to 2.2 acres.

The plan drew opposition from the Rainvilles, Sen. Patrick Leahy and many along the quiet border.

In a public hearing last month, about 150 people packed into Franklin Town Hall, some carrying signs that read “Eminent Domain Equals Federal Land Grab” and “Save the Rainville Family Farm.” Of the 18 people who spoke, none favored the plan. Some called it wasteful, an abuse of eminent domain or worse.

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4 responses to “Vermont Dairy Farmer Victorious Over U.S. Government/Homeland Security

  1. Jeanmarie Todd

    How wonderful to get some good news on the raw milk/health freedom front. The government bureaucracies are out of control. Thank goodness someone had some sense to stop these would-be thieves.

  2. I’m with Jeanmarie, bout time some good news is happening! Seems like it’s always bad news for raw milk, family, farm, and food freedoms.

    Thanks for posting this Dave. A breath of fresh air.

    God bless you!

  3. We are happy for you. This is good news. Justice should always prevail. If you cost money in legal fees, they should pay for those too.

    Milkmen USA

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