Real Science Study Just Released–The Tale of Two Calves: Pasteurized Milk is Unhealthy/ Raw is Superior


Raw Liver on Right


Michael Schmidt, legendary pioneer in biodynamic dairy production from Canada and Germany, conducted a real life study, and has published Part I this week. I met Michael and had enjoyed his company recently in Madison. Thursday, I spoke with him on the telephone on some other matters regarding his Cow Share University, after he returned from Germany. His study is living, real proof that pasteurized milk (and homogenized) is unhealthy, while the raw product is far superior. The calf study and the post-mortum biopsies are the simple proof. (Him and his colleagues ate parts of the raw milk fed calf at one of the finest restaurants in Toronto– I heard.) Expect this study to be discredited by Big Ag and Big Dairy– or ignored altogether– so as not to let the word out. Here is what Michael says:

To understand the results of our raw milk experiment it is important to tolerate the so called scientific demands. That means in order to get accepted and being taken seriously by the scientific establishment you need to have 100 or 200 or 300 or may be even 1000 calves to make a scientific valid point .However the simple fact that the so called experts have not yet entered into a joint research project as proposed by me already in 1994 has given me even a greater confidence that the results we have seen with these two calves are credible and significant. They are in fact supporting the findings of Pottenger’s cat study, which as well has been ignored and ridiculed.

he experiment was costing us over 5000 dollars just in milk. This is a significant amount for us, since we did not get any support from corporate sponsors.

The weight of the two calves was basically equal at the beginning of the feeding trial.

At the end the raw milk calf weight 200 kg and the pasteurized milk calf weight 115 kg.

Calf fed on pasteurized milk diet



Raw Milk Fed Calf


Read the rest of the story at The Bovine


4 responses to “Real Science Study Just Released–The Tale of Two Calves: Pasteurized Milk is Unhealthy/ Raw is Superior

  1. Hey, thanks for spreading news of this study far and wide. Finally, here’s some tangible, if perhaps anecdotal, proof of what we’ve all been banging on about for so long — the clear advantages of raw milk as a food!

  2. If I live in Lubbock, Texas, where can I find raw milk? I feel like I have been fed artificially all of my life.

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