UPDATE: Farm Food Club Raid in Wisconsin/Fundraiser Announced

Much has occurred since the raid of Grazin’ Acres Farm last week in Wisconsin. Outrage by those in the farming community, customers who like to eat off the farm, and those that caught wind of it on all the local television, radio and newspapers continues. Many have been encouraged to phone/fax/email into state and local offices to register complaints.

The Journal had gotten so many hits that our story was ranked in the top 100 in the global WordPress community. The timing of this raid came right after the Wisconsin Governors veto of a bill to make it legal (under conditions) to sell raw milk followed by the Organic Valley decision to terminate contracts from farmers who offer raw milk. What is so unique about this episode is that Vernon Hershberger is ignoring the orders and going about his business as usual. (This is what people seem to like so much about the story–and makes them willing to stand behind him more than ever– and may be a standard response to farm raids coming: just ignore them.)

Also a fundraiser for the Hershbergers was annnounced today– and any Facebooker can donate online. It is being sponsored by the Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale– a web-based group for farm food freedom. 

Michael Schmidt is a well-known figure in North America in the raw milk movement, having defied Canadian government orders to stop his dairy operations for 15 years. Here is what Schmidt wrote for the Journal readers about the Hershberger situation:

Farmer Vernon Hershberger has changed with his act of defiance the entire dynamic in the raw milk battle in the US .

What Max Kane has done for the consumers, Vernon Hershberger is doing right now for the farmers.

Finally we have a farmer who openly challenges Government bureaucrats with courage and determination. It will be of utmost importance that those who truly believe in individual rights and fundamental freedom to rise up and join Vernon Hershberger.

His act of open resistance will become a milestone in this battle for food rights and fundamental freedom.

Everyone is called upon to stand behind the Hershberg Family in anyway possible.

The next weeks will be extremely crucial: this will of defiance will spread like wildfire.

It is not about you and me this is about our children and our future.

Thanks Max Kane and Vernon Hershberger

Regards Michael Schmidt

Rosanne Lindsay is co-director of the Wisconsin Alliance for Raw Milk (WI ARMi) a 1000 member-Facebook site. Lindsay told the Journal:

The state’s invasion of Vernon’s farm and the threats against Vernon and his family represent a broader threat against liberty.   Raw milk has become a linch pin in a fight for food sovereignty and health freedom.  Vernon and Erma are leading us to the truth by their actions of civil disobedience.  Will we follow and preserve the rights we were born with?

For the background, go to the original and updated story.

FACEBOOKERS ONLY–The Hershberger Family Farm Food Freedom (4-F) Fund

4 responses to “UPDATE: Farm Food Club Raid in Wisconsin/Fundraiser Announced

  1. Norman Haugen

    Good! Great! But it should be just a start. This site and our poultry site are all we seem to have. The Bigeees have lobyists etc. I don’t feel our voices are being heard. Any Ideas?

  2. I admire Hershberger’s courage to stand up for what is right. This reminds me of the Civil Rights era and civil disobedience. Is access to clean, sustainable and unregulated food the new civil right?

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