Bulletin: Living Food

I have been wanting to put out a publication just like this for over four years.  I am pleased to offer it and hope some of my readers will get plenty of copies and start circulating them.– Augie 

NOW AVAILABLE, the paper version of Living Food . . . local connections to healthy foods, farms and life.

Living Food contains nutrient-dense recipes with related health benefits, all  in a timeless 8-page  bulletin– each with a food group theme. The first is on Lacto-ferments, the second will be on Farm Fresh Milk and Its Products and the third will be on Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners.

Internet, blogs and such are sure great . . . but there is nothing quite like paper . . . hard copy.

We announced the Living Food bulletin back in March at the International Raw Milk Symposium– and now Living Food is here today.

This is an easy way to have fun spreading the politically-incorrect message of real food freedom and make money, too. It is also a way to support the Journal and the ARMi adventure too. It is being supported by advertisers like The Weston A Price Foundation, Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund and many real food processors and purveyors.

Offer the gift of Living Food at your food and health events. The Living Food bulletin is now ready to purchase in lots of 25 for just $1 each!  Kids will love to sell them! See the free 8-page sample bulletin on Lacto-fermentation, purchase it  and read more about it at http://ishop.livingfood.us Purchase 25, 50, 75 or 100 with credit card. Anyone can distribute it, sell it or give it away.

If you would rather order by phone, contact Annie at annaugenstein@sbcglobal.net to set up a time.

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