New Video: Dairy Industry– Hard Core Corruption/Politics/Poisoning of the Milk

On the eve of a series of government investigations and listening sessions into the milk cartel and their market manipulation and killer cut-throat business practices, I have three segments for you. I hope this enrages you enough to motivate you to speak out– this is the one to rally behind. Perhaps it will be an Eve of Destruction.

First is the latest 4- minute video on some of the background on the dairy industry corruption and politics– a primer. It was sent to be by a reader and I just happened to open it and view it. WOW.

Then it is on to the Hard Core 10-min video– the poisoning of the milk– an older Fox News investigation that was censored and never aired that is absolutely chilling.

Finally, Annie says the article on Flash on Trash is one of the best articles she has read in a long time– it is on the denaturing and destruction of the store milk and the school milk– and some of the food science into what makes it so unhealthy and no comparison to the real, farm fresh raw milk.

Tomorrow, my comments on the Whooping Cough Epidemic and the mass vaccinations being called for in California will be posted.

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7 responses to “New Video: Dairy Industry– Hard Core Corruption/Politics/Poisoning of the Milk

  1. We the people will come together to make sure our children will be freed from this horrific abuse of power. We will become a recognizable force.

  2. Thank you for this news. we are trying to do something about this now. The Milkmen in the USA. More news to come as soon as we make some real progress. Real Milk and Dairy distributors are now getting in their milk trucks and delivering. You keep doing your job; reporting and educating the people. we the Milkmen of the USA will do our part; deliver milk and dairy and more direct from the farms to the consumer. With no politics from corrupt politicians and corrupt businesses.

  3. I am so heartened when I hear of ethical people who refuse to bow down to coercion and bribery. And I’m disgusted by the judicial system that has been corrupted and paid for by corporate interests.

    America is in deep trouble. Unfortunately, many of us will have to get a fast-track legal education to beat them at their own game. It’s all about the law. If you know the law and your rights, then you can stand your ground and prevail.

    Thank you for this excellent post. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s post. I have a feeling this whooping cough “epidemic” is just a sales pitch for more poisoning. (How are the chem trails in California these days?)

    • I always enjoy your thoughtful comments– and your great blog. I am about to become unleashed today on the new Epidemic and the dangerous pertussis vaccine.

      The battle is a war of words. Understand use of words – you can understand more of the law and the different ways they can be interpreted. For example, raw milk is actually legal everywhere– it just depends on whose law you want to believe.

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