Raw Milk Gets Attention at Dairy Industry Anti-trust Hearings

Here is the one raw milk testimony at the DOJ and USDA anti-trust hearing on the dairy industry held in Madison, Wisconsin last week. Lisa Jacobson gave testimony and she is to be commended to speak for the raw milk lovers and the many raw dairies who cannot speak out– due to the persecution and financial losses they might face. Kimberly Hartke snagged the entire story over at her blog–linked below.– Augie

My name is Lisa Jacobson from Milwaukee Wisconsin.

I am a consumer of unpasteurized Milk and support my small dairy farmer.

I actually am a criminal in Wisconsin because of the fact that I have aided and abetted in an illegal practice by purchasing unpasteurized Milk from a farmer.

My hope is that this public meeting will be instrumental in ending or reversing the statewide and federal interference of farms that provide health conscious citizens with pure, wholesome and healthy unpasteurized milk.

It appears very BLATANT that prohibiting farm to consumers unpasteurized milk sales is an illegal and anti competitive practice by regulators and Big Dairy industry, by only allowing dairy processing plants to obtain raw milk and using pasteurization as the key to safety and control. If using this weak defense, then I would argue that consumers could also pasteurize or heat milk to 165º for 15 seconds.

Big dairy, regulators and lobbyists use mainstream media to spread smear campaigns that say ALL unpasteurized milk unsafe. Yes, factory farm raw milk from cows who suffer from mastitis, tails cut off for efficiency and can’t swat flies, never allowed to live outside and graze naturally as ruminants but instead fed unnatural grain based diets infused with antibiotic and growth hormones, wallowing in their own feces on concrete, bedded on recycled manure, living in factory farms or CAFO’s with manure lagoons replacing pastures, polluting the air with hydrogen sulfide and ammonia for surrounding neighbors and communities, and whose milk is then co-mingled into silo milk and shipped across the country, yes, this raw milk is probably is UNSAFE.

If pasteurization, by conventional dairy industry with this type of frightening standards and logic, is the answer to ‘sanitizing’ milk, then I do not want any industrial dairy products or want to feed it to my children.

All I want and hope for is safe healthy wholesome unprocessed milk directly from healthy cows grazing on healthy pasture from my small farmer who uses sustainable agricultural practices, and not be considered a criminal.

To rephrase a quote from Joel Salatin of Polyface farms Virginia, ‘My wish is that the Consumer group advocating legal pure unpasteurized Milk grows to be at least as big and powerful as the National Rifle Association’.

Read Lisa’s full report and her bio at HartkeisOnline.com

6 responses to “Raw Milk Gets Attention at Dairy Industry Anti-trust Hearings

  1. Right on Lisa. These thugs have to go. God gave us rights and tyrants attempt to take them away. More people need to stand up and face them down.

  2. Lisa made some folks very mad. To get applause like that and make a good point, you have to make some MAD.

  3. Thanks Lisa! You worded things beautifully. Keep speaking out, and hopefully more and more people become aware of the full milk story.

  4. Thank you so much for attending and speaking. I know that took courage to do. I have attended just about everything here in Wisconsin, but that meeting. I am very grateful that you did! I know a lot of raw milk drinkers who are just going about their lives and not attending the court hearings/rallies. As long as they can get milk from a farmer, they don’t take the time. We ALL need to show up for these farmers and for our right to healthy foods!!! Otherwise, there will be a day when there are NO farms to get organic, pasture based, fresh milk.

  5. Thank You Lisa!
    Did your testimony happen to get video taped? If so I would love to see that uploaded at YouTube, put into a documentary or both!

  6. Lisa Jacobson

    Thank you for words of encouragement.

    I believe the USDOJ website will post a video of the entire daylong workshop @ http://www.justice.gov/atr/public/workshops/ag2010/locations.htm.

    However, the video from the DOJ Alabama workshop held in May has not yet posted & not sure what the hold up is. I have already inquired w/the DOJ. It shouldn’t be so difficult, for example, Wisconsin Eye can post videos live online or same day of different legislative & public events…

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