The Whopping Whooping Cough Epidemic of 2010


by Augie

Last week the State of California announced a whooping cough epidemic (pertussis is the formal name) and is now calling for vaccination of everyone statewide. Five infants have died (1 in 10,000,000 Californians) and  910 cases (1 in 35,000) of whooping cough were reported in California so far this year. My heart goes out to those families, but do you know what?– 1 in 10,000,000 is statistically near zero. But I am more concerned for the thousands of babies and toddlers who will die, suffer brain damage or other severe disorders as a direct result of the vaccination itself.

Dr. Mark Horton, director of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), warned last week that the state is on pace to suffer the most illnesses and deaths due to pertussis, also known as whooping cough, in 50 years. This is correct, BUT deaths and illnesses 50 years ago were almost nothing since the genuine pertussis epidemic essentially died out by then. It must be underscored that whooping cough died out on its own BEFORE a vaccination was even developed in the 1940s–as with most of the other diseases–according to these charts. So, being nearly as bad as 50 years ago is a really good thing.

Now the pertussis vaccination is being urged for everyone in California– even hospitals are encouraged to have policies to get mom and dad vaccinated before taking the new baby home. The State is providing the vaccine “free” of charge and offering discount coupons. The health department is warning even the slightest cough may be a sign of the disease.

Is this really a public health threat or propaganda? Are the pertussis (DPT and dTaP) vaccinations really necessary– and are they safe, are they effective ? This brief article will be adressing these crucial questions one should consider before being sold a vaccine for our children. Everyone should be allowed the right to the information and educate themselves to make an informed choice on this very important medical decision we make for our children.

Why would the public health officials recommend vaccination when there is a 1 out of 1750 chance of having a severe immediate reaction to pertussis vaccine yet only 1 in 6 million chance of dying from the illness itself?

Why would health officials recommend this vaccine when it has been shown to be a direct cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)?

Why should we trust and accept the “education” from our medical and public health, when 50 to 70 percent of doctors and nurses refuse to take the annual flu vaccine? (The best thing that came out of the Swine Flu Swindle, in my opinion, is a huge increase of public awareness not to trust government and corporate advertisement and marketing information—especially for vaccines. In this odd way, the swine flu H1N1 pandemic charades have saved and will continue to save countless lives and the health of many.)

WHOOPING COUGH EPIDEMIC MAY BE WORST IN 50 YEARS is the news release posted at the California Department of Public Health’s website and was parroted in newspapers and TV news. My comments are below Dr. Horton’s statements in italics. I have already given him an arithmetic and history lesson above on the claim this is a public health crisis.

DR. HORTON: “Children should be vaccinated against the disease and parents, family members and caregivers of infants need a booster shot.”

Pertussis vaccines are not only dangerous, they are not very effective and wear off. A study published in the Journal of Pediatrics indicates the pertussis vaccine may only be 40-45% effective and immunity is not sustained.  In 1986, 1300 cases were reported in Kansas.  Of the patients with known vaccination status, 90% were adequately vaccinated.   In 1993 an outbreak of pertussis in Ohio, 82% of younger children stricken had received regular doses of the vaccine.  (Most childhood vaccines are like this.) These stats are reported at

Pertussis vaccine is usually given in five doses of DTP or DTaP shot for starting at 6 weeks old and spaced at 30 days.  It contains three bacterial toxoids (at least), aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and other chemicals.  One vaccine includes the polio and hepatitis B viruses. See the list of ingredients here.

DR. HORTON: “Pertussis is a highly contagious disease. Unimmunized or incompletely immunized young infants are particularly vulnerable.”

Why is pertussis so contagious and why is there such an epidemic if as many as 95 percent of the children are vaccinated? Yes, infants are at higher risk, as with any other hazard. The reason they are at most risk for pertussis is the same reason why they are at the most risk for the adverse reactions of the vaccine. It is thought by many researchers that vaccinations cause immunity problems and those immune deficiencies are transferred from mother to baby. It is not uncommon the children get the disease they are inoculating for– but this is explained to us they had already been infected.

DR. HORTON: “The pertussis vaccine is safe for children and adults.”

This is absolutely untrue by their own admission and published data. The pertussis vaccine may cause 106 degree fever, high-pitched screaming, tantrums, brain swelling, seizures, convulsions, shock, brain damage and SIDS—not to mention longer term health effects such as serious ear infections, allergies and asthma, , etc. The rates are much higher than realized since as many as 90 percent or more go unreported to CDC.

According to Neil Z. Miller’s research presented in “Vaccines: Are they Really Safe and Effective?” (referencing 1000 peer-reviewed medical studies and reports) states the pertussis, DTP and dTaP vaccines are strong causative factors in sudden infant death (SIDs)  Miller shows a study of 103 SIDs deaths, 2/3 had a pertussis shot prior—25% of these died within 24 hours—and the rest within 3 weeks of the shot. Babies die at a rate seven times greater than normal within three days of the pertussis shot.  He shows that he pertussis vaccine was never adequately safety tested in the US. However, women will come to their doctor a few days after their baby dies of crib death and ask “could it be connected to the shot?”  The answer is: No.  No connection at all.

DR. HORTON: Pregnant women may be vaccinated against pertussis before pregnancy, during pregnancy or after giving birth. Fathers may be vaccinated at any time, but preferably before the birth of their baby. CDPH encourages birthing hospitals to implement policies to vaccinate new mothers and fathers before sending newborns home. CDPH is providing vaccine free of charge to hospitals.

It is quite dangerous to vaccinate any pregnant woman (including the flu shots and for baby, the HepB and Vitamin K shot at birth) as the vaccine and its contaminants pass through to the fetus.  America now has a very high and increasing rate of infant deaths in comparison with other countries who vaccinate much less. Thirty percent or more of our children are diagnosed with serious health problems and so many learning disabilities they now test lower than 17 other industrialized nations. More shocking is the rapid increases in infertility, miscarriages and still-births. In the 50s we had 4 shots– now it is up to 40 before school– and many infants get 6-9 at one time.

Why is it that it’s fully acknowledged by CDC and our medical and public health officials that the DPT vaccination (largely phased out in 2000) was too dangerous to administer after seven years of age, yet it was supposedly perfectly safe for infants and fetuses?


In Dispelling the Vaccination Myths, Alan Philips explains:

“Health authorities credit vaccines for disease declines, and assure us of their safety and effectiveness. Yet these assumptions are directly contradicted by government statistics, published medical studies, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports, and the opinions of credible research scientists from around the world. In fact, infectious diseases declined steadily for decades prior to mass immunizations, doctors in the U.S. report thousands of serious vaccine reactions each year including hundreds of deaths and permanent disabilities, fully vaccinated populations have experienced epidemics, and researchers attribute dozens of chronic immunological and neurological diseases that have risen dramatically in recent decades to mass immunization campaigns.

Decades of studies published in the world’s leading medical journals have documented vaccine failure and serious adverse vaccine events, including death. Dozens of books written by doctors, researchers, and independent investigators reveal serious flaws in immunization theory and practice. Yet, incredibly, most pediatricians and parents are unaware of these findings. This has begun to change in recent years, however, as a growing number of parents and healthcare providers around the world are becoming aware of the problems and questioning mass mandatory immunization. There is a growing international movement away from mass mandatory immunization.

In a paper just published called The Marvellous Health of Unvaccinated Children, Françoise Berthoud, MD [medical doctor, paediatrician]arrives at one conclusion. Unvaccinated children have by far the best chance of enjoying marvellous health. Any vaccination at all works to cripple the chances of this end. Dr. Berthard says, “in England, Michel Odent, MD showed in two studies that children having received no Pertussis vaccine had 5-6 times less asthma than those who were vaccinated for it. The first study was on 450 babies from La Leche League; the second one on 125 children in a Steiner school. The rate of autism in the U.S. is now an unthinkable 1 in 100. Those who are unvaccinated boast numbers that run in shocking contrast to the nation’s statistics. As this article is directed to the American people, I will not go on at length here. Most of you know the work of your very own journalist Dan Olmsted showing the incredible absence of autism in the unvaccinated Amish communities of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Chicago-based Homefirst Medical Clinic is run by a group of doctors including medical director Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH. They have no known autism and super-scarce allergies in their children, many of whom were home deliveries, and most of whom have had no vaccinations.”

It is only good for parents to make an informed choice and educate themselves with all the information before deciding to vaccinate. People spend hours and hours of study to find the best computer or used car– spend that amount of time on diseases and vaccinations— and you will be far more informed than most doctors and pediatricians. Dr. Horton and the California DPH should be investigated along with his puppeteer the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Secretary Kathleen Sebelius — and I am sure many of their employees will agree.

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Finally, here is a chilling video clip to the movie Vaccine Nation that may help in understanding the whole agenda behind the over-vaccination of children.

Vax Nation


37 responses to “The Whopping Whooping Cough Epidemic of 2010

  1. Annette Kohn-Lau

    It is a shame that we are not using homeopathy routinely for disease prevention.

    • Here is a link to a website selling homeopathic immunization kits.
      It is a safe alternative without any side effects so you can still protect your children.

    • When we fall for the fraud of homeopathy it really hinders our ability to show that we know about the con game known as vaccines. Homeopathy has no basis in science and the “research” that’s bee done “proving” it does anything uses the same statistical fraud as that which vaccine manufacturers use. And of course homeopathy is safe.. it’s water! But please don’t undercut those of us that try to educate the public about vaccines by promoting yet another con.

      • I thought the same but there is a difference– vaccines use toxic ingredients. I will learn more after my one day class on homeopathy next month. The water is said to be different due to the energy imprint– which theory is unknown in the West and as I have– rejected the “insanity” of the mear existence of energy in general–when it comes to such things as the energy field of the body– and such “myths” as water dowsing. Interesting comment and though provoking, Keith.

  2. Comments on my Facebook page I thought were worth passing on:

    Julie Swenson “Diseases” my son caught after getting vaccinated for those exact illnesses: whooping cough, Rotavirus and chicken pox….vaccines do exactly squat. Well, I take that back…they destroy immune systems. And ruin lives.
    2 hours ago · Unlike ·
    1 person ·

    Augie Augenstein Hope you comment at the Journal too!
    2 hours ago · Like ·

    Nancy Jacques oh brother…how much more crap can americans put up with? fall elections had better show how fed up i believe americans have become with big government! Lord come quickly!
    2 hours ago · Unlike ·
    1 person ·

    Trudy Snyder Last year it was the “measles” and swine flu they were using for SCARE MONGERING. This year Whooping Cough…whatever.
    about an hour ago · Like ·

    Augie Augenstein There is 100 more vaccines in clinical studies– watch for mennigitus, chickenpox, Vit K, HepB, and also changes in vaccine formulations and GM and foriegnDNA materials such as human fetuses and monkeys etc etc
    about an hour ago · Like ·

    Kathy Blanco alert, the white coats are coming RUN!
    about an hour ago · Like ·

    Trudy Snyder Augie, Fetuses are already in vaccines. WI 38 is what it is called. As for the monkey viruses…SV40 is the 40th monkey virus found in vaccines. That one was in the polio vaccine from the 50’s. It passes down from the DNA in the mother and father that received it. So my mother had the polio vaccine (the one that left a scar on the arm in a circle) then I also have the SV40 virus in my blood. I turned and gave this virus to MY children…do you see the line? The next foriegn DNA that they are looking at is INSECTS. Don’t believe me? Look it up. If you do enough digging you can find it. There are already GM yeast and antibiotics in vaccines too.
    10 minutes ago · Like ·

    • Monika Wilcoxen said–
      What is sad is the lack of information they are giving us. Like the number of the kids that were vaxed and those that were NOT( my guess is a lot were or they would have told us other wise). Also the fact that they think whooping cough is mutating so the “vaccine” will not even work. Just extra poisons for the system.
      about an hour ago · Like ·

      Michelle Robinson A new article shows immunity after a pertussis infection is for LIFE; immunity from the vaccine is 10 years, or less. The average duration of natural immunity after a pertussis INFECTION lasts at least 60 years. Vaccine-induced immunity is very short-lived, with an average duration of 10 years, and in many cases, much …less.

      Children today get SIX pertussis vaccines. Pertussis vaccination has been shown to be correlated with increased incidence of asthma and neurological complications. This new study shows that vaccination will never eliminate pertussis and, like measles and chickenpox, and most contracting the illness will develop lifetime immunity. We really must stop fooling with Mother Nature. After Swine Flu season, we need to address the rest of the vaccinations — and why we must stop. – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

  3. Way to explain things, Augie! I will share. Thanks!!!
    “People spend hours and hours of study to find the best computer or used car– spend that amount of time on diseases and vaccinations— and you will be far more informed than most doctors and pediatricians.” – Sad and SO TRUE!

  4. Augie – what is the source for the statistic for probability of adverse reaction in your statement, “Why would the public health officials recommend vaccination when there is a 1 out of 1750 chance of having a severe immediate reaction to pertussis vaccine…”? Thanks.

  5. To those who are fearful of viral infections like whooping cough consider this:
    “In diseased states, the need for vitamin C increases. This can be seen in animals who often increase their vitamin C production more than tenfold, and also in humans when the amount of vitamin C found in the blood and the urine falls dramatically during illness and stress. This suggests that in these conditions, the intake of vitamin C should be greatly increased.”
    And this story of healing:
    And as an oral source of effective high dose vitamin C
    Reading Dr. Levy’s “Curing the Incurable” was a real revelation, and makes complete sense.

    • Thanks Kris– as always your contributions are so valuable. Here is something Michelle Robinson gave to me. A Canadian production

      YouTube – Shots In The Dark (1/8) [HQ]
      At the end of ^this one, you can see them handle thimerosal.

      YouTube – Shots In The Dark (2/8) [HQ]
      At the start of this one you get to hear how thimerosal is made in the processing of every step.
      At about 8 mins in you see the FDA get his butt handed to him by Dab Burton in the White House about mercury testing.
      At the end is a gal with MS after the propaganda that HepB was “the kiss that can kill you.”

      YouTube – Shots In The Dark (3/8) [HQ]
      Former French medical director speaks about the over vaccination of people on Hep B. He goes on to say even though he treated patients with it, he didn’t get the shots because there was no risk. He says it was madness.
      Next part of the segment focuses on the adjuvant aluminum. There are a group of scientists that prove through biopsy that aluminum is stored in the muscle on some people. (Condition is called MMF ~ Macrophagic myofasciitis.) There is a grown French man who used to vacation.. got the Hep A vaccine and now lives with MMF. He speaks of how his doctors refused to see how the vaccine was responsible.

      YouTube – Shots In The Dark (4/8) [HQ]
      Starts out discussing doctor denial. Then a story on an adult woman living with damages by the meningitis vaccine. The father tells us about how the doctors told them to institutionalize her and then labelled the parents as hysterical for suggesting it was the vaccines. (Then back to the pedi in the first video who witnessed her patients vaccine reactions then getting on the autism spectrum as a result.) Back in France, they have a wall of files of vaccine injured from hep b vax. They have a great chart showcasing the rise of Lupus, MS, arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases after the introduction of the hep b shot. (This is at the very end of the fourth video.)

      YouTube – Shots In The Dark (5/8) [HQ]
      Starts by focusing on the politics of doctors belief in vaccines from France to the US and how “rare” effects are considered to be rare. Barbara Loe Fisher explains it from the US. She is against the concept that a few “rare” are ok for the greater good because that number is not defined. She feels it goes down a slippery slope when applied to policies of public health. Then we go to Quebec, Canada to see how the brain works with toxins introduced and how that relates to diseases like MS with degeneration of the brain cells.. Then we meet a family struggling with a DTP vaccine injury their little girl received now 8. The mother shows the documentation from the vaccine companies warning not to give it to babies with all the markers her dd had.

      YouTube – Shots In The Dark (6/8) [HQ]
      Understandably the mother (at the end of last video) is angry her doctor didn’t warn her prior to vaccination. They go back to the Quebec researchers who make a smashing point that depending on the development of the brain, the types of infections, etc. that changes how our immune system handles and challenges vaccines/infections in the future illustrating how every immune system is unique. The family struggling with the DTP reaction then show the brickwall they encountered by the doctors. Their struggle continues in “vaccine court.” Their lawyer makes the point that governments encourage vaccine programs but then make the compensation in vaccine injuries virtually impossible to claim, a lose-lose situation for the vaccine injured. Back in Paris the French lawyers confirm the same findings that science available isn’t capable of establishing the vaccine injured to the vaccine. To Jacksonville, Florida where there is another lawyer who just want the vaccine injured to have a voice without losing credibility. As he says, there are two sides to vaccines but we aren’t told the whole story. It finishes with Congressman Dan Burton explaining how the compensation programs fail. He goes on to say he sat down with the heads of pharma companies to say if you guys get the thimerosal and other toxins out, he’ll introduce a bill to further protect them. So far, no takers.

      YouTube – Shots In The Dark (7/8) [HQ]
      Dr. Wakefield side of the story about the bowel diseases found in kids with autism. How questioning the system results in a witchhunt. He explains how clearly these kids were sick with diaherra, in pain yet labelled as autistic so written off by their doctors. Once Wakefield started treating the bowel diseases, the child’s GI tract would start working, being regular, eliminating the pain with the great result of the autism improving. They go back to the American pedi in the first and second video who realized that treating the GI tract and immune system helped reverse the autism she seen too. Wakefield continues to show how there is correlation from the gut to the brain function. (Explains how the milk/casin can be toxic in the GI and the lack of digestive enzymes can result in a morphine effect on the brain.) It wraps up with Barbara Loe Fisher explaining how unfair mandatory vaccinations are. How forced vaccination is not informed consent.

      YouTube – Shots In The Dark (8/8) [HQ]
      Great explanation of the conflict of interest the pharmaceutical companies have in government, and in the guidelines of the vaccination programs as explained by Congressman Dan Burton. It wraps up with an older child with autism requesting for the health, jobs and a hopeful future while the credits suggest there needs to be open dialogue on this issue instead of denialism.

  6. Catherine Rott ND, DNM

    True, Annette! But, if homeopathy were the healing modality of choice, just think how much money Big Pharma would miss out on and all those allopathic docs not getting their BMW’s or Mercedes…what a shame and so hard on the economy! 😛
    BTW, Big Pharma does all it can to block and/or eradicate anything remotely related to homeopathy and infectious disease. Check out this book by Kate Birch:

  7. What an excellent compilation! Thank you for writing this. I have already felt the damage of the sensationalist news stories as parents contact me in fear. 😦

  8. My daughter had the DtaP vaccine as a baby and develped eczema the day after, she developed astmha abit later on, she still suffers from them and is 10 now. My unvaxed kids are much healthier,I just wish I knew then what I do now and I wouldnt have vaxed any of my kids! Better to act on the side of caution and develop a stronger immunity without vaccination. No one needs it, even though we have been taught to believe it. Its certainly not a cure all, vaccinations are downright toxic!

  9. My 2 daughters had pertusis last summer. The one that was fully vaccinated for the disease had the worst case out of the two. To demonstrate how illogical the health department is, they were adamant that my children needed to get vaccianted after having pertusis. They apparently have never heard of natural immunity.

    • People tell me this all the time. It only makes perfect sense that the vaccines give you some of the disease, dah– and it can present itself in full measure– using their own logic, in reverse. If you tracked the health of the vaxed v. unvaxed– the result I think would be shocking.

  10. Does everyone like the idea of an informal survey here at the Journal on health versus vax and no vax?

  11. “Why would health officials recommend this vaccine when it has been shown to be a direct cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)?”

    Could you please direct me to the documentation for this statement?

  12. Everybody still alive? Good. That’s a good sign you haven’t been vaccinated.

    The following chart shows the historical pertussis-related death figures, as per the CDC:

    Click to access Pertussis%20DEATH%20chart.pdf

    The following chart shows the ingredients of the various pertussis (DPaT) vaccines:

    Click to access DTaP%20components%283%29.pdf

    To me, the only thing missing in this equation is the source for Augie’s stated 1/1,750 probability of adverse reaction to the vaccine…

    • Here is a reference to the 1/1750 along with others Persistent, inconsolable crying lasting 3 or more hours (in 1% of cases) and high-pitched, unusual screaming (in 0.1%) have also been reported after pertussis vaccination. Convulsions and a hypotonic-hypo-responsive state have each been reported to occur at a frequency of about 1:1750 injections of DPT vaccine.[16] Most convulsions are brief, generalized and self-limited and are usually associated with fever. Neither febrile nor afebrile convulsions have been shown to be associated with a subsequent seizure disorder.[19] Complete recovery has been observed, without persistent neurologic or developmental defects, on follow-up of children with hypotonic-hyporesponsive episodes or convulsions.[20]
      1. Cody CL, Baraff LJ, Cherry JD et al: Nature and rates of adverse reactions associated with DTP and DT immunizations in infants and children. Pediatrics 1981; 68: 650-659
      From Canadian Medical Association Journal at

      I also found two more studies showing serious adverse effects much worse than this. I will provide those references later on. Furthermore, my calculotr shows upon 5 injections, the chance of convulsions at 1 of 217. (These are from the older DPT shots).

  13. Excellent article and I just love your blog! Will be sharing this for my blog followers on facebook.

  14. This is a great article and I’m glad to see someone thoroughly lay out the information for people. I’m 28 and crippled from a flu shot I received in 2006. I began getting sick the day after receiving the shot and the symptoms were the most bizarre of anything i’ve ever felt and now they’re part of my life. I wish so much I had found information like this before I made that blind assumption that day to get the flu shot. I hope more people that are about to make the mistake I did will come across you website because it could save their life.

  15. This information is very qualified and very useful for me thank you for the information

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  18. the dpt vaccination gave my child excema!!!!

  19. People like you who refuse vaccination are the reason Pertussis has become epidemic in CA. You site propaganda evidence that uneducated people believe without doing any of their own research. Your misleading facts are ignorants bliss.

    • You should take the time to actually understand why you would even say something as ignorant as you just have. It is clear that you think the vaccine provides immunization, and it’s clear that you think the outbreak is happening in unvaccinated individuals.

      You should check on both. The most obvious one at hand is the fact that the outbreak is occuring in those that have been vaccinated.

      The other would be to actually see if the vaccine was every tested to show that it would provide immunity, when the only test done has shown that it induces antibody production up to a week later. That hardly tells us that it provides immunity for years on end as the vaccine is marketed to do.

  20. Are you joking you bonehead? You are uneducated! The pertusis that has been going around is not even covered in the vaccine! Furthermore, studies conclusively show that vaccines do not offer protection. Outbreaks happen in fully vaccinated populations. Before you spew your slander, show me some evidence. Uneducated my butt. People who do not vaccinate are on average far more educated, as one recent study showed.

  21. The only ignorant bliss being displayed here, Mr. (Ms?) Alias, is yours – in your apparent, naive belief that the obscene profits of the pharmaceutical industry haven’t bred the most dangerous of corruptions and compliance: in the formulation and dispensation of biologics intended for intramuscular injection; and that pharma, medico and guv, at some level, don’t bed together for that purpose, which has nothing to do with our health. There are mountains of evidence, which I beg anyone doubting to research. Start with the many links to information in this post and attendant comments. Shots in the Dark, an excellent video, is among those resources.

    Do not take this as an indictment of all health care workers – it is not meant to be. Most folks simply believe the paradigm, as I did, and see no reason to be skeptical or suspicious. But reason there is. Do not take my word for it; do not take Alias’. Do not be misled.

    pryorka82 – seek out holistic health care; perhaps you can find help.

    Augie – do the survey … please.

  22. Non-thinkers such as this need to be unschooled, if possible. There is more and more vicious hate speech toward those that are not anti-vax but simple pro-education on vaccinations– and this is sponsored by WHO/CDC and all their cronie consultants feeding off their huge budget as well as the public health agencies. With the government monopolies on certain words and their definitions, I suppose using the word “education” may illegal to use for written material or in speeh, unless you are a state-certified teacher. Since some may view a conversation concerning being cautious about vaccinations doling out medical advice without proper licensing, I suppose that would include Alias.

  23. Here is a CDC-trained robot-puppet’s comment that illustrate how polite and convincing (yet illogical) the usual prose from those that believe vacccinations are the Savior of mankind:

    From one with a address from my original and most popular article entitled Swindle Flu

    Wow, the misinformation and misinterpretation rampant through this article is simply dumbfounding. I could go through one by one and find articles to refute nearly every “point” made, but i have better things to do on my day off. So a quick summary…
    1. If you’re going to quote Cochran reviews, at least be up to date. Your article in the BJM is 3 years old. Cochrane says “Influenza vaccines are efficacious in children older than two” although, yes, studies in infants younger than 2 are lacking.
    2. Regarding the swine flu. Yes, public health figures were a little alarmist in their response, but the swine flu is proving to be just as deadly as the regular flu. And if you don’t think the regular flu is deadly, just ask the 20,000 or so people who died last year from it. I think a vaccine is a good idea, particularly in those with underlying conditions (in which the majority of deaths have been). There are already 263 deaths reported on the CDC site with over 40,000 cases in the US alone.
    3. Dr. Weil is not an expert in epidemiology or infectious disease and thus his opinion should not be regarded as gospel. In fact, no one physician’s opinion should. He also is an author and writes things so they sell, i.e. drama sells. So when he writes that Dr. Jonas Salk testified that most cases of polio in the post-vaccine era were because of the vaccine, he knows that his audience will not recognize that of course this is the case as wild strains were not causing disease. There is always a chance of reactivation of live vaccines (for polio it is ~1 per 750,000), but if the choice is between 50,000 sporadic cases versus 50 vaccine induced cases, i’ll take the vaccine everyday. The second quote demonstrates that yes, vaccines are not 100% protective and yes, do require occasional boosters. This is the way our immune system works. If your system is not exposed to a specific antigen for a long time, the immune response lessens. But I think a study published in Pediatrics this month that is more useful demonstrated that children who were not vaccinated for pertussis were many times more likely to be infected, not to mention the effect this has on herd immunity. Also, a study from 1981 regarding physician willingness to receive vaccines? 1981? really? I guarantee you could call 100 physicians nowadays (particularly OB-gyns) and not find one who would refuse (unless they were already pregnant (an absolute contraindication) or were Dr. Weil).
    4. Yearly influenza vaccine. The reason flu shots are every year is that there is a tremendous amount of recombination and genetric drift/shift that happens from year to year. As opposed to diseases like measles and mumps, flu has a reservoir in both birds and swine and because of this ability, can have frequent shifts in serotype (the H?N? part of flu). Hence almost every year it’s a slightly different type of influenza.
    5. “Many doctors and nurses DO know what is in the shots: this is why about half of them do not take them according to a surveys.” Surveys? What surveys? Most hospitals require EVERY worker from sanitation to the head of the hospital to receive yearly influenza vaccines. And when you enter medical school, every student has to submit documentation that they have received all required vaccinations. Are your surveys from the last twenty years? Where are you getting your data?
    6. “Is overvaccinations and the rapid increase of shots one of the main reasons why neurological disorders, asthma and allergies have increased by at least a factor of ten in the last 20 years? I think it is quite clear.” No, it is not quite clear. There are many other environmental, social, and dietary changes that have occured over the last 20 years as well as simply changes in medicine. A large part of the huge “epidemic” of autism is simply increased recognition of less severe forms. A non-verbal 5 year old who flaps his hands while agitated is easy to diagnose, a 5 year old who simply has trouble playing with other kids is not, but pediatricians are getting much better at it.

    Please, research your facts and sources more thoroughly. It is easy to just take many of these things as “fact” but evidence based medicine is what we should be following. Isolated case studies and anecdotes do not make for good patient care.

  24. Hi Augie and All those caring people who contributed, Thank you so much for all the knowledge and wisdom that you shared here. I would like to say that there references and citations and documented.

    We all heard the hype from the media regarding the swine flu epidemic and how that fizzled out, this new “epidemic” is more of the same. it is not enough that our children are being assaulted with autism, ADD, ADHA, and diabetes, which no medical expert can explain, yet, on top of the fluoride in the water,fluoride drops for infants, and the soy formula, the medical authorities insist upon an increasing list of vaccines. Great harm has already been done.

    My son had severe reaction to the first pertussis shot, fever of 104, so that they were removed from his vaccine regimen. His physician insisted upon soy formula. In 2005 he received the meningitis vaccine in order to go to university. Several months later he developed a severe case of EBV- mononucleosis. He is still not well, has a very serious thyroid disease, and adrenal exhaustion, celiac disease. What is next? Yet little or no US research exists on the relationship between these vaccines and EBV, which continues to affect ones immunity for life and has been suggested as a cancer producing mechanism.

    I cannot believe, that after all the research and actual case studies of infants and children being harmed by the pertussis vaccine over the course of many years, that it would be recommended for newborns. I have my conspiracy theories, but I think that greed may be at the bottom of this one, although i dont understand the regular physicians rabid support of vaccines.

    Sylvia, Phd

    • You are welcome. Somewhere on is A Perfect Poison. One requirement is that people need to believe the poison will make them healthy–among 15 other requirements for a perfect poison.

  25. Vaccination Information Network (VINE)
    This graph from Germany (population now over 80 million, although it was somewhat less prior to the reunification of East with West Germany in 1991) shows the number of deaths from whooping cough from 1970 to 1995.

    In 1975, the German health authorities suspended their official recommendation for whooping cough vaccination because of t…he high number of brain injuries following whooping cough vaccination being reported.

    In 1990, Dr JD Cherry published an article in the JAMA in which he rubbished a link between DPT vaccination and brain damage.

    Cherry JD. Pertussis vaccine encephalopathy: it is time to recognize it as the myth that it is.
    JAMA. 1990;263:1679\x=req-\ …

    This announcement by Dr Cherry, who had financial ties to the vaccine industry, was used as an excuse to reinstate the recommendation for whooping cough vaccination, no doubt under pressure from vaccine manufacturers keen on vaccination to resume.

    It is interesting to note that in the 16 years between 1975 and 1991, when virtually no whooping cough vaccinations were carried out, deadly whooping cough epidemics some people in the medical field predicted would eventuate because children were not being vaccinated were conspicuous by their absence. There was only a slight rise in the number of deaths in 1980, when a whooping cough outbreak occurred. Overall, the generally declining trend of pertussis mortality continued unaffected by the 16-year gap in pertussis vaccination.

    The reintroduction of pertussis vaccination was obviously a complete waste of time, quite apart from the fact that DPT-induced cases of brain damage would have resumed along with vaccination.

    This graph is evidence which shows that the claim that we would again suffer from deadly epidemics if vaccinations were stopped is an assumption which is not necessarily backed by the evidence.

    The graph is based on official German statistics and taken from Dr med Gerhard Buchwald’s book ‘Impfen – Das Geschaft mit der Angst’ – ‘Vaccination -A Business Based on Fear’, with his kind permission.See More
    Vaccines DO NOT immunise!

  26. Pingback: California wants to vaccinate everyone for whooping cough — this year’s H1N1? « The Bovine

  27. This is my first post on this personal topic. I do not know if I am an oddity, I would think not, but I would like to briefly share my story…
    In 1975, I was 3 years old and received the whole cell DTP shot. Today I am 38 (with a horrible quality of life) and can vividly recall the hallucinations that followed within 24 hours of this vaccine. Interestingly enough, I vividly recall moments immediately following receiving another inoculation shortly thereafter (I believe it was the MMR).
    Throughout my school years I suffered with symptoms of ADHD which was unheard of at the time. I was a loud, hyper, constipated whiner with an infectious love for life but I found it difficult to fit in with my peers. I had loving parents and a younger brother that suffered from tremors and memory problems. My family support laid ground to functional impairments. I excelled in doing things my way, but when put in a classroom environment, I would become anxious and distracted which ultimately led to under achievement. I was not anti-social, just the opposite… I would go to great lengths to fit in and find acceptance, but I knew from early on that I was different.
    This strong family support also led to be a handicap because I was completely confused as to why I just could not reach my potential outside of my home. This led to what I accept as an identity crisis that lasted for 30 years. My trust of conventional medicine amplified my crisis ten-fold.
    As a teenager, I suffered from a conduct disorder (God bless my parents). I dropped out of school and was pregnant within two years.
    As an adult my sorrows have been plenty… Diagnostics through the years after problems arising after the birth of my second child have revealed IBS, ADHD, Endo, Fibromyalgia, CFS, Fibroids, Tubal Inflammation, Migraines, Anxiety, Restless Leg, Rayaud’s, the dysfunctional immune symptoms list goes on and on. Really? What is real, what runs together and what is just down right bogus? I only have a history of epilepsy in my family, what is going on?
    The mid ’90s, I sought treatment for these concerns. When hormone replacement and high dose antibiotics did not solve my problems, I was pushed away to mental health. I had small children and did not desire a mental health label, therefore, I stopped looking for treatment. All for the best, if I had to listen to these ego mutilators tell me one more time that I was suppressing childhood sexual molestation, I was going to be depressed. I had a beautiful childhood, short of my social and academic problems at school.
    Knowledge is power. With knowledge of cause and effect, it is possible to avoid triggers that worsen my symptoms. My triggers appear to be in my diet and environmental. Conventional medicine never attempted to help me understand such; Ultimately, the advice I followed from many of these doctors have been found to be very harmful for me. I have educated myself and am better off today for it. Recently, as I have started to heal, my mother who has been my rock, sees my progress and stated that ‘she always saw me as making excuses for things I found difficult to do’. I told her, ‘On the contrary, I have been looking for answers as to why things are so difficult for me’. It is hard to not let it control your life when it is ever present. I feel this is where a large sum of psychological issues added up for myself. Will & determination will get you nowhere if you do not know what you are fighting.
    If conventional medicine works for you, utilize it. But, do not stand in my way and inhibit my right to information that will allow me to make educated decisions for myself and my family. As a teenager with my many problems, I was convinced that the shot that I so vividly remembered, which was written off as shots administered too close together (but were not according to guidelines), did not agree with my genetics and was at the root of my problems (remember my brother with tremors and learning difficulties). Since then, both of my children have received ridiculous amounts of vaccines and both have had severe adverse reactions with faint symptoms that continue to linger a decades later and hide from the public eye. Will they show up more harsh later in face of a trigger? I also believe that the genetic predisposition to be harmed by vaccines is carried on my mother’s side and her mother, my grandmother is lying, dying of drug induced Parkinsonism as I type.
    The official CDC standing on the genetics is that the damage would have occurred once a trigger was introduced regardless… I saw Jesus with an outreached hand and he was coming for me. I screamed and screamed and was inconsolable. My mother said I was screaming but my eyes were blank. Could I have avoided a trigger this bad? Yes, I believe that I could have. I have never had another single incident in my life as frightening and severe as the reaction I had from the DPT. I personally cannot look at the data of SIDS and Autism occurring after vaccination and not see the correlation. Which also makes me question, is autistic spectrum disorders going to worsen with every generation as parents pass this down to their children and these monsters accumulate and mutate?
    I will not to deter followers of conventional medicine from their beliefs. I would appreciate the same. They say that stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result… I choose not to use conventional medicine for fear of falling stupid.
    I do not claim to be an expert, nor do I play one on TV. Any views, positive or negative, will be graciously accepted.

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