The Miracle of Vitamin D

Look what Raine Irving Saunders has done now. Vitamin D is a miracle and you will want to share this.

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One response to “The Miracle of Vitamin D

  1. Here is my post to the blog site of this article:

    My understanding is that the hormone Vit D is necessary in over 2000 body functions. Cancer is only 1 of the many preventive uses it provides. Let me share a little story of success with Vit D.

    My daughter, who has dark skin, gets sunburned despite all the melanin. This year I told her to take 5000 i.u. Vit D3 daily and she reports no sunburn after falling asleep in the sun. Further, she has just spent 2 week working in Haiti–oodles of hot sun there. No sunburn for her. What else she reports is that everyone else working there became sick, including the head of the program who had been there over 3 yrs. She wound up giving everyone all her Vit C and Grapeseed oil that she brought with her.

    I had instructed her to up her Vit C to bowel tolerance (don’t know if she did this) and to begin taking her Vit D3 daily several months before her trip. The trip was very difficult and emotionally draining in many ways. Food was a safety issue, too. All kinds of conditions to challenge the immune system. But my daughter never got sick and definitely no intestinal problems, something so common with north americans traveling in the tropics.

    So yea for Vit D3 in building health.

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