Raw Milk Can Be Dangerous: How to Pick a Safe Raw Dairy

Despite what you hear, raw milk can make you sick if you are not careful in picking who you deal with. I hosted a raw milk con­ference in Ohio with 70 attendees. I taught the health benefits of raw milk for an hour– while I was on the tail end of a three week illness from a load of campylobacter bacte­ria. It was the worst and longest bout of diarrhea I ever had. It was from raw milk from an unclean milk producer. I wanted to believe it was from our laying hens and eggs, but it was not. Needless to say, we mooved on over to a very clean dairy.

Still being sick from bad milk, it was an embarrassing situation teaching its health benefits in front of every one (I told no one, of course) but it made a life long impression on me of why it is so important to under stand HOW to pick a raw dairy. No one has a story like this one– so I am most qualified to teach it more (since I have the expe­rience). With the growth of the moovement, there will be more out breaks since peo­ple, like me at one time, generally do not know how to evaluate a dairy.

Moove on to the rest of the story over at the new Journal  with a free ebook and training videos.


3 responses to “Raw Milk Can Be Dangerous: How to Pick a Safe Raw Dairy

  1. great article. I agree with you and the tips you provide. I go to a local dairy, I know the owner, I have seen the goats and the parlor and the bottling room. All is as described in your post.

    But the consumer in me decided to find other sources….wrong move on my part. I bought a bottle of milk that had a rusted mason jar lid. Cheaper than the dairy I mentioned above. I actually had to run back the other way lol…….and now, I appreciate the higher price with all the cleanliness and approved bottles. Well taken care of animals. You get what you pay for.

  2. Elisabeth Hartline

    We’ve chosen a producer based not only on cleanliness, but on whether or not they consume their own product. Our producer’s facilities don’t look professional. It’s old-time rustic. But it’s clean and neat.
    They’ve been producing milk for themselves and customers for ten years without incident. I’m more concerned about moving to a milk-legal state where producers are working to provide for many customers and the temptation to cut corners for the sake of sales and meeting demand may become the focus. No, I don’t trust local governments to work on my behalf to make certain that this doesn’t happen.

  3. Deborah Collingridge

    We thought we were drinking safe milk for a year and a half from a well established, clean dairy, yet, we contracted Coxiella Burnetii (Q Fever) through the milk.

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