Get the F Out!– Fluoride: Poisoning the Children? –PART 2

In Part 1, Dr. Sylvia Onusic provided information on the school fluoride mouth rinse programs along with much data and references on oral hygiene products and other sources of fluoride poisoning. Part 2 covers a dangerous tooth sealant program for schoolchildren as well as some other details that should be brought forth.

Once again we are most pleased to have David Michael as a guest writer on the topic of fluoride overdose. David Michael has spent four decades in the environmental profession in Michael’s experience with hazardous compounds in water, waste and air include monitoring and control and treatment. He has worked for EPA as a regulator and has worked for major oil and tire companies, and many organizations such as Toyota, USPS, USAF as a consultant, publisher and educator. David is a chemical engineer with an environmental specialty and is an advocate for natural food and health freedom.–Augie

FLUORIDE ALERT: Slowly Poisoning the Children? –PART 2

by David Michael

Fluorine and many of it fluoride compounds are some of the most toxic and reactive substances known to man. It is legally an extremely hazardous material and as a waste is considered a toxic waste by EPA. It is a poison. But lo and behold, when placed in the mouth of babies and children, all of a sudden the poison is in the top 10 list medical miracles of the 20th century, the mantra of public health authorities.

Fifteen European countries have banned water fluoridation due to known health effects. Can you find one study that shows water fluoridation is effective against cavities?

State and local departments of health are asking kids to rinse each week with these toxic compounds yet can (and have) shut down a KoolAid or lemonade stand at a farmers market for lack of a $200 license for the summer (to protect public health).

According to the news release from the Ohio Department of Health “schools will pass out cups of fluoride solution for five minutes each week in which they will “swish” and dispose in the garbage”. It is illegal to dispose of a toxic waste in this manner. As arranged for the excess mercury-containing flu vaccines from last winter, fluoride wastes also need proper disposal such as incineration.

In all their infinite wisdom, despite volumes of research and reports on serious health effects from fluoride toxicity and overload in children, the State Departments of Health and the schools continue with these mouth rinse programs. Ironically, it expresses itself in mild to badly stained teeth. Overall, fluoride poisoning causes serious disorders such as thyroid dysfunction, brain tumors, lower metabolism, lower IQs, bone weakness . . . with little or no benefit to the teeth.

Fluoride the Silent Killer

Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D. has a brief and fascinating paper called Fluoride the Silent Killer It describes the dangers of fluoride toothpaste, rinses and topicals; and fluoride in general. He cites studies that toothpaste or rinses are not at all effective in cavity prevention. He says fluoride stays in the bones; but it does the most damage in soft tissue, including gum damage, and for this “If you take over 200 mg of vitamin C per day that is all you really need for removing fluoride. In three to six months you should have about 99% of it out which is good enough.”

Dr. John Yiamouyiannis (now deceased) received his Ph.D. in biochemistry and his post-doctoral fellowship at Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He then became editor at Chemical Abstracts Service, the world’s largest chemical information center, where he first became aware of the health damaging effects of fluoride. He was the former science director of Canada’s National Health Federation; the executive director of Health Action and president of the Safe Water Foundation. He was a world-leading authority on the biological effects of fluoride and was responsible for ending the use of fluoride in many areas of the United States and abroad.


Lack of Medical Evaluation

State and local school rinse programs do not require the attention of a medical professional, prescription or a medical prescreening for fluoride suitability. This is needed if the child is at risk for fluoride poisoning—or is already overloaded. In fact, community volunteers can administer if they are trained. Some programs offer a choice of the rinse or a daily one-milligram fluoride tablet. One mg of many toxic compounds each day is not good—especially for fluorides. It is malpractice not to make this determination.

(Yet, it is a health violation to allow a broken crayon in class—it must be disposed of—since it may be a swallowing hazard.)

Dental Sealants


In Ohio and other states, school dental programs now also include a big-money maker on tooth sealants made from plastics containing dangerous BPA or bis-Phenol A, where fluoride is put in under the sealant. These are said to last only two to five years and can cause lesions in the mouth, allergetic and autoimmune reactions, according to Dr. Vee in his article on Health Risks from Dental Sealants.

Baby Formulas and Treatment

Fluoride is a highly esteemed darling of the American Dental Association, yet in 2008 they strongly recommended that no fluoridated city water be used to make instant baby formula due to health effects. This statement has begun to unravel their precious trade secret. But Gerber and other water bottlers for babies still boast that their water contains fluoride as if it is a health bonus to buy it. Of course, Gerber and the others are conning the uneducated, programmed to think fluorides are necessary for good health.

ADA advised their member dentists of the baby formula problem, but do dentists see newborns and infants?  NO. Pediatricians. Has one parent heard that they should not use fluoridated water in their formula preparation?

(As a side note, when fluoridated water is heated a while in aluminum pans is greatly increases the Aluminum that does into the water or baby formula. Aluminum acts with fluoride in such a way to cause more fluoride and aluminum to enter cells—even the brain. Heat the baby formula in the microwave in a plastic BPA-containing bottle makes an even more dangerous soup.)

Misinformation or Disinformation?

You will find the exact opposite claims statements in literature from qualified scientists (even the manufacturer’s and government’s) compared to those that health departments proclaim in their campaigns. For example:

Colgate sells Gel-Cam fluoride rinse available only by prescription. It is 0.1% stannous fluoride (SnF2) and  calculates to be 0.024% F or 240 ppm. In the 10 ml swish, the dose amounts to 0.24 mg if swallowed. Their warning says DO NOT SWALLOW see health effectsThey warn: Do not use in pediatric patients under age 12 years unless recommended by a dentist or physician. The school rinse is 0.2% sodium fluoride (NaF) amounts to 0.12% F or 1200 ppm. The 10 ml dose amounts to 1.2 mg if swallowed.This is 5 times the Colgate prescription dose and the school program does not require a prescription!The Ohio school parent permission slip says “it is safe if swallowed—just like toothpaste!”

Grade school kids are mostly under 12.

They say fluoride is a “natural” occurring compound—but none of the fluoride compounds being used are natural. They want everyone’s fluoride level to be sufficient—yet the body does not need fluoride.

The Gem-Cal contains stannous fluoride and it causes staining of the teeth.  Using products containing stannous fluoride regularly involve a trip to the dentist to remove the stains. And why do they make a tooth product that stains the teeth and is very poisonous?

Here is the daily dosing schedule for fluoride “dietary supplements” different age groups from the state of Colorado

No Informed Consent

Fortunately, the fluoride rinse and seal school programs are voluntary and a permission slip is needed. However, most parents are unaware of the dangers since parents are given only the part of the story—a sales pitch on the permission slip where you must opt out or in. This is written to make the parent feel irresponsible if they refuse. The children feel left out during procedure and may even be treated as if their parents don’t care.

Coming soon will be new, unproven oral antivirals to swallow in different colors and flavors as well as new, unproven vaccinations once again this fall. The difference here is with vaccinations parents are told they are “required” and the mention of simple exemption forms are apparently quite rare.

The Money and Politics


If you care to look into the horse’s mouth, you may find that state-sponsored and marketed dental care is not to be trusted. I am afraid if you follow the money trail, you will also find the deception, science fraud, corruption and politics of the fluoride problem. There is a huge, new market for repeat sales for dentists and nice grants for schools and public health departments.

Children are monitored and detailed health records are kept oat school and reported to the state. The plan has been in since at least the 1930s to make schools a clinic for medical and psychological care, and to mold them and follow kids into their work years. This has been carried out since the 1950s through under the direction of UNESCO and the World Health Organization.

With over 100 scientists, including toxicologists at EPA, and over 3000 professionals, including dentists, doctors and activists, and a network of state anti-fluoridation activists, the tipping point for a class-action suit against the American Dental Association, manufacturers and certain government officials may be on the horizon.

Your Rights and the Lack of Informed Consent

Parents and children have the right to know the dangers of fluoride, or any medication or vaccine, and about their true risks, benefits and effectiveness, and the whether the cure is worse than the disease. This is called informed consent. But this type of F-word education would not likely be allowed in the schools or the public health system. You need to learn that on your own or from a good dentist.

Everyone has the right Just Say No to mass medication or vaccination. Everyone has a right to be fully informed. The state does not dictate in a free society. No one should be intimidated by those in authority or peers in doing things that we do not understand fully. We do not have to buy into the propaganda. What are the risks of NOT rinsing with fluoride?

Ask your dentist if fluoride is right for you. Question your dentist. Phone in a complaint to the school principal or the local health department.

Prepare your older children by using this as a teaching moment for freedom and rights, sound health decisions are family business, standing up for what you think is right. It is a good idea to begin preparing younger children to realize not everything you hear at school is true, that we trust our own doctors and that we don’t have to join a crowd.

For fluoride mouth rinses and dental sealants, as with vaccines and oral/nasal antivirals, parents need to know their right to JUST SAY NO and not drink the KoolAIDs.


NOTE: In the continuing series on fluoride, David Michael and Dr. Sylvia Onusic will examine and dissect the serious issue of drinking water fluoridation.


More Resources

A seven-minute video on the fluoride fraud.


Fluoride, the official quarterly journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research (ISFR), is published for the advancement of research and dissemination of knowledge pertaining to agricultural, analytical, biochemical, biological, chemical, clinical, dental, ecological, environmental, industrial, medical, metabolic, pharmacological, synergistic, and toxicological aspects of inorganic and organic fluorides or fluorine compounds.The Fluoride Journal is at and Fluoride Action Network

Upcoming book, “The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics that Keep it there” (Authors: Connett, Beck and Micklem. Publisher: Chelsea Green, Vermont. Advanced orders can be made at when it appears in October.

7 responses to “Get the F Out!– Fluoride: Poisoning the Children? –PART 2

  1. I have suspected for a year now that under Codex Alimentarius– the food and drug global control standards– they will begin calling toxins nutrients and essentials and they are already calling essential nutrients potentially hazardous.

    The schools are at the forefront of human experimentation without the parents being properly informed.

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  3. Augie, we are publishing a book called The Case Against Fluoride by Dr. Paul Connett. Can I send you a review copy? If so, please send me your mailing address. Thanks, margo

  4. Hi David,

    Wow! What an article. It’s amazing to me what some will do for money and control. Don’t they even care about their own families? Or do the money mongers have another medical program seperate from the general public, like OBAMA CARE does for the elite? Is it my imagination or is there some kind of job security going on here…if we keep them sick… you know…if we build it (disease) they will come (to our medical facilities) and we can keep the cycle going indefinitly or until we’ve depopulated into …?
    I recently went to my local dentist and was given a talk on how my well water isn’t sufficient to protect my families teeth from cavities.Well water isn’t flouridated…that we need to do the rinse or take a prescription toothpaste for the older family members…you can pay over $15 for that toothpaste tube. My answer…after reading articles 1 and 2. I threw ALL the flouride toothpaste in the dumpster. We only use natural toothpaste now and from now on! As far as needing cavity protection, I’d say stop eating the processed garbage and eat living foods and brush your teeth with the non flouride pastes daily as a preventative. Staying informed is also a good preventative!
    Thanks David for posting this article, keep up the good work! We need people like you to help us wade through the mire of bull…being shoveled at us! L.J.

  5. This came out after this article was put out:
    Harvard Study Finds Bisphenol A In Dental Fillings And Sealants, Media Spin Begins

    ShatterLimits | September 10, 2010
    Anthony Gucciardi

    After a new study out of Harvard Medical School revealed that dental fillings and sealants contain dangerously high levels of the deadly chemical bisphenol A (BPA), some dentists are now claiming that these fillings and sealants are still perfectly safe for use in children.

    BPA is an endocrine disrupter that mimics the hormone estrogen. Consequently, has been linked to reduced fertility in men, and even receipts containing BPA can be harmful to male hormone levels when handled. BPA is found in plastics, soft drink cans, soup cans, and thousands of other packaging containers.

    A recent California bill would have banned BPA in children-related items such as baby bottles and children’s toys, but was shot down on September 2nd. Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Washington already have such laws.

    Why then, would it be safe to have fillings and sealants in your mouth that contain this chemical? The research shows that it’s really not. Research shows that BPA levels in saliva skyrocket by around 88 times higher than normal (and what constitutes a “normal” level of a toxic substance?) right after a dental sealing. Experts agree there is no “safe” level of exposure to BPA.

    “This chemical is one that you should not be exposed to at any level,” said von Saal, Curators’ professor of biology at the University of Missouri at Columbia.

    This is why it is shocking that multiple media outlets have started claiming that BPA is actually not a danger to health, despite routine research proving that this gender-bending chemical is nothing to play around with.

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