UPDATE on Organic Valley Dairy Coop Ban on Raw Milk: What Can Be Done?

UPDATE:  Sally Fallon, Founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation sent out a letter today about the Organic Valley decision to ban all dairies under contract from offering raw milk to consumers. They recently decided to allow their dairy members to sell only to family, friends and neighbors (I have a different definition–such that these terms mean everyone!) AND limiting this to only 1% of the volume sold to OV (as if they were a federal rule-making agency). Sally says the OV milk products are ultra-pastuerized, making their products sterile, killing the health-giving life in the organic raw milk. (Labeling it organic whole milk is deceptive– it is neither organic, whole or natural) She suggests consumers purchase from another company.

Read the original story I wrote in May called Reasons for Organic Valley Raw Milk Decision: Part of the Government/Corporate Partnership?– along with all the comments, with Sally’s full letter at the end of the comments. –-Augie

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4 responses to “UPDATE on Organic Valley Dairy Coop Ban on Raw Milk: What Can Be Done?

  1. I am going to share this as far as I can get it. Looks like I can get it onto Facebook.


  3. I think the pressure worked. Our local farmer told us that they informed OV that they’d be selling their milk to another company at which time OV had some new options to discuss. I reckon all the phone calls, letters, bad press, boycotts, etc worked! Dairy farmers (particularly raw milk producers) face enough challenges and hardships from the feds. I think it’s shameful for OV to insist on adding further unnecessary demands to these farmers by insisting on raw milk quotas. Therefore, we’ll still continue to boycott OV and encourage others to do the same.

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