5-Min Video: 11-Yr Old Homeschooler on Industrial vs Natural Food and Agriculture

In front of a large audience in an auditorium, Birke Baehr, an eleven-year-old homeschooler, executes a brilliant presentation of his PowerPoint on What Is Wrong With Our Food System?

Bold Birke says “you can either pay the farmer or pay the hospital”.

Cathy Payne will conduct a podcast interview with Birke soon as mentioned in her post today.

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17 responses to “5-Min Video: 11-Yr Old Homeschooler on Industrial vs Natural Food and Agriculture

  1. This is a truly great testament to the power of home schooling. 11 year old Birke Baehr understands more with respect to proper nutrition and its source than 99.99% of the dumbed down public school system product that the government is churning out. Presence, delivery, confidence, wit, knowledge, and charm. Future Presidential material here!

  2. I’d vote for him! 🙂

  3. Ack! This is amazing! Kids really astound me every single day! Here we adults are stressing out about the complexity of these issues, and here comes this 11 year old kid who understands it better than I do and makes simple solutions. Love it!

  4. Hi Augie,
    As a 14th year home schooling mom I am thrilled to see the power of a living education. I’ve shown this to my kids and they are inspired by a fellow home schooler. We live on a farm, we use open pollinated seed and save our own. We grow 100% organic, use raw goats milk and fresh eggs…my kids already know the truth about what’s happening to our food production. Still they are thrilled that another kid is stepping out and sharing the truth, the knowledge that a living education brings! The children are our future. Knowing the truth and getting involved, being an active participant in connecting people and communities lights a fire of awareness, a passing of the baton and it starts with all of us. What an awesome testimony to home education!

  5. FANTASTIC! Thanks.

  6. Marietta Pellicano

    In less than 10 years I’ll be looking for Master Baehr’s successful name some where in the Slow Food/Real Food Movement. What a wonderful presentation! No doubt, as this video makes it’s rounds Master Baehr will be gaining many “fans.” I know I’m one already. A huge thank-you to his committed parents for raising such a wonderful, bright, level-headed child. Master Baehr demonstrates that raising such children still can be done with some dedication and a decent, whole foods diet…this should be the birthright of all American children. Sadly, it’s not. How refreshing it was, however, to watch Master Baehr’s presentation because it does, indeed, give one hope for the future. Thank You Birke, you did a wonderful job!

  7. What an awesome testiment for homeschooling!!! We homeschool our four children, and I will use this to help continue to encourage them to reach high when setting their goals.

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  9. If you visit the supermarket you can check the prices of organic products are virtually the same compared than inorganic products with the only difference that the inorganic products are the result of intensive agriculture subject to the use of fertilizers, herbicides and other chemicals, and organic products come from orchards or fields in which only grow with the help of natural and constant care of man.
    I think that organic foods are the best alternative for eat and live healthy for long time.

  10. This is great & my kids enjoyed it too! What an excellent presentation but a wonderful young man!!

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  12. Oh what a shame that this young boy is so socially deprived in homeschooling, what kind of traumas are his misguided parents inflicting upon him by keeping him from public school and its wonderful lunches, twinkies, and rich social experience!!! NOT! This video should be watched in all public schools and used to motivate those kids to such a great experience in life!

  13. The problem with this is that we are NOT educating our kids or consumers. Senate Bill 510 WILL DO AWAY WITH ALL FARMERS MARKETS AND SMALL FAMILY FARMS who sell direct to consumers.
    Call your senator and tell them NO!

  14. Great video, smart kid! Now that’s what I call a future leader of America! If only they could all be like him. Applause for homeschooling AND people who use their brains to think in raising children (whether they be public-education bound or on the home-school track). Thanks for sharing Augie! 🙂

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