Vaccinations are the Answer to Global Population: Bill Gates

Gate’s Law: CO2= P x S x E x C

Vaccinations are the answer for depopulation according to Bill Gates.

There is no doubt the leaders of the nations of the earth, through the United Nations and many other global bodies have programs for human depopulation control; such as the UN Population Division and Fund. The emphasis is access to health care, reproductive health and vaccinations for all world citizens. These are the same agencies that brought the WHO H1N1 flu pandemic response plan. Food and supplements/herb controls and safety are handled by other divisions. I can only hope there are two diametrically opposed forces within the agencies.

All of this is said to be necessary to reduce C02– exhaled gases. I do not want to address global warming (a professional specialty of mine) here– but this plant food that creates oxygen is not only necessary– the environment and human health benefit from it. In brief, weather cycles are cause by the Sun— ITSS– it’s the Sun stupid. Climate change scaremongering from folks like Al Gore is to promote energy controls and taxes to fund the ideas Gates refers to. It is greenwashing.

The man is dangerous.

An eleven-year-old boy has infinitely more wisdom on health, food and farming than this man. The boy’s video was posted earlier today.

3 responses to “Vaccinations are the Answer to Global Population: Bill Gates

  1. Really? I don’t get this video clip. Gates is talking about depopulation, on the one hand, and the relief of poverty, on the other. Is this a mishmash of ideas and Gates is a poor presenter, or is what he saying being taken completely out of context?

  2. I’m with Elisbeth. I don’t get this clip either. I get that vaccinations may have another intent but I can’t fit it in the context Bill Gates is talking about.

  3. Yeah, I gotta say, this was a crock. This is a terrible clipping of a video, with the actual perspectives of Bill Gates poorly expressed. Next time if you want to make your point, let the guy your “incriminating” make the point. Cuz I thought you might be onto something here, but this is just as foolish as what Gates may or may not be saying. Fear mongering is what this is.

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