Train Up A Child to Cook Real Food: Healthy Kids Recipe eCards

by Augie

Kids of all ages should be getting into the kitchen with mom or dad and cooking together . . . with farm fresh foods. But children need to LEARN HOW . . . and cooking makes a wonderful teaching time for measuring, arithmetic, science, health and learning a little about the nutritional science behind their creations. Now they can with the new Healthy Kids Recipe Cards featuring nutrient-dense recipes by Anji Sandage. (She told me on the phone that she spent fifteen years collecting and perfecting the recipes for her children and all of her nieces and nephews—and recently upgraded them to natural food ingredients.)

They will love you more for giving them the opportunity to cook real food a few times a week. Kids (and adults) need structure and direction and like being an important part of a functional family. A sense of accomplishment gives them the self esteem that only truly comes by earning it through achievement with the blessing of the entire family. They crave this stuff.

It is far more important to make time for this useful learning activity than in practicing soccer during the week for that game on Sunday, or worse, wasting time on video games, television and other such temporary gratification devices.

Learning to Make Lacto-fermented Sauerkraut at a Special Needs Home for Adults (That's me in the middle and my son is seated)

Most families, it seems, are suffering from FNDD–familial nutritional-deficiency disorder. To help cure FNDD,  Anji Sandage of Salt Lake City has made Healthy Kids Recipe Cards and they are instantly down-loadable right here! (Some of you know about Anji– she runs the 8000-strong Raw Milk site on Facebook and the 100% Natural Family blog. She is also the Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader for Salt Lake City).

Anji says, “When it came to food and dieting, I believed that eating should be enjoyable, uncomplicated without counting, weighing, and rationing to the point of starvation. I began to study and learned about Weston A. Price’s research, and changing my diet made all the difference in the health of my family. The Healthy Kids Recipe Book is the result of my journey. I wanted my kids to learn how to cook for living, and to enjoy food. “

They Cannot Wait To Taste It and Make More

Anything worth doing is worth doing right– and what better way is there to teach lifelong skills to your kids and grand kids by using naturally grown farm fresh food such as pastured chickens and eggs, grass-fed beef, fresh-ground whole grains, and raw milk and cheeses? These are the ingredients specified in Healthy Kids Recipe Cards. I will tell you more below about these ingenious cards (if you want they can be cut out, colored and laminated!) But first, I want to tell you what happened last week.

Finished Product-- A Natural Probiotic

Last week I was teaching how to make sauerkraut to a small group of special adults in a group home. My autistic son was there also. Preparing food the right way is therapeutic for a number of reasons. The sight and smell of the natural ingredients, the feel of a cabbage being sliced and cut, the sound of grinding sea salt, the sensations of stirring the kraut with their hands and packing it in the jar, is meaningful and calming to all of us who need to settle down, such as kids with attention deficit or hyperactivity and other neurologically impaired children. Of course, tasting and eating together the finished product tops it all off. That 90 minute demo with the special-needs adults was fun–it was if Santa Claus had come to town– they were so excited and can’t wait to make some on their own.

I recall vividly when my son was younger and at home, I would ask him to make me some tea and bring it to me. It made him so happy– it caused him to focus and give something to help someone else. It changed his disposition from extreme oppositional defiance to a calming effect and one of inward satisfaction for him that he could do something valuable that can be appreciated–something as simple as make a cup of tea.

A lot of my readers live on farms or homesteads and have large families (I know one family with 13 children at home—another natural gardener that has 17 children). They home-school or farm-school and, for many, cooking is part of school. All the Amish girls I know learn to cook along with their grandmas, aunts and mothers. In fact, Saturday we saw two moms with seven kids between them cooking down apple butter in a copper kettle under a fire, while the little kids were roasting home-made all-beef hot dogs.

Moms and dads, and older siblings, need to teach the younger ones by letting them learn to cook with nutrient-dense foods with good recipes and directions. They should be taught the difference of fast food, microwave pizza, Pop Tarts, Twinkes and other artificial, industrial foods and the Real McCoy. You will find if you eat this way, the whole family will feel better and a lot of those difficult behaviors will improve. Disorders such as allergies, asthma, and diabetes will also improve.

Anji explains, ” When children learn about nutrition early, it helps improve nutrition in the home and in society. For best results, always use real butter, natural fats, farm fresh milk, unrefined sea salt, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, soaked grains and whole sprouted wheat flour when possible. When frying, always use lard, nitrate free bacon grease, suet, or other natural animal fats – never use liquid vegetable oils for frying, and never use margarine or hydrogenated oils!”

I do not think there could be a better education for boys and girls than making meals and snacks, especially if it is combined with growing the vegetables, and finding fresh milk, eggs, honey and meat at the farms or at farmers markets.

I said I was going to tell you more about Anji’s brilliant Healthy Kids Recipe Cards—suitable for all ages. I have changed my mind. Rather, I will let you sample some recipes made with farm fresh foods and stuff like lard, coconut oil and butter. You can also see how the science and health lessons are on the backs of the cards. Then you can decide for yourself if spending $19 will give you the unique and valuable kitchen aid I recommend to train up your children in the way they should go (it certainly would make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for any family). You can learn more about the Healthy Kids Recipe Cards, and feast your eyes on four of the sample cards, at  the new iShop for Living Food and Healing (Instant Downloadable Health and Nutrition—eBooks and such) right here at the Journal.

Pro 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

5 responses to “Train Up A Child to Cook Real Food: Healthy Kids Recipe eCards

  1. I am a family nurse practitioner treating people with significant health issues (tyhe numbers have increased over the years) from allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD to heart disease and diabetes. My generation is responsible. Those of us born to post WWII families grew up in an affluent processed food/disposable society. Our children deserve better and these sites are a wonderful beginning. Three thumbs up!!!

  2. Catherine Clark, Illinois

    I wish you were on Facebook, as that is where my daughter does most of her socializing online. We don’t use tweet much at all. I would love to post these articles on Facebook!

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  4. Great article, Augie!

    I have seen Anji’s Kids Cookbook Cards and they are great! I too, grew up helping mom in the kitchen, learning how to cook meals from scratch (even cakes and pies). It is probably one reason today that I am a traditional food advocate.

    So many women in my generation grew up with mothers who refused to cook, and guess what? So did their daughters. So, I do agree that this trend needs to be reversed.

    The best thing you can do for your health is to cook meals from whole food ingredients. Get rid of the box mixes and pre-fab meals. It becomes an endlessly fascinating hobby and creative pursuit, if you open your mind and heart to it.

    I also believe the rewards are great, because of the stirrings of love that come back to you by the family members to whom you serve your home cooked meals.

    If you have resistance to learning to cook, recognize it as a ‘bad attitude’ that must be dealt with. Women of my generation were indoctrinated to believe that if we learned to cook we’d be stuck in the kitchen. I ask you, what is wrong with being able to spend your time in the heart of your home?

    Women who bought this lie are now stuck in office cubicles, drive-thru fast food lanes and as a result of their poor health, doctor’s office waiting rooms. And, their families are starving for the love that flows from the heart of the home, their kitchen.

    Boy, I sound preachy, but I prefer to think of it as passionate about wellness. A friend asked for my help to lose weight and overcome some serious risk factors for heart disease, but when I told her to start cooking more, she said she couldn’t do it, as she never had been one to spend time in the kitchen.

    All I can say if this is you, change now, before it is too late. The older you get the harder it will be to start new habits.

    What price are you willing to pay for good health? It’s priceless but not free.

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