UPDATE on Another FDA Cheese Bust on Family Food Ministry: Award-winning Artisan Raw Cheese Producer

UPDATE 10/25/2010

As reported here (below) Saturday, FDA busted another artisan-cheese family food ministry in Washington. The children have calmed down now four days after their direct dealings with the FDA agents when they locked up all the award-winning cheese at Estrella Family Creamery–while the Anthony and Kelly Estrella, the parents, were known by the intruders to be away at the farmers market. All because a few isolated samples of cheese never offered to the public did not pass non-detect (zero) of a microorganism that is found all over your skin. A “standard” that will shut down any cheesemaker nationwide.

According to the Estrella’s, there had been a pathogen detected last Spring and rectified as is industry-standard worldwide. But this time FDA just suspects “all of the batches cheese” might contain a sub-type of Listeria, something allowed in European cheeses. (Low levels of Listeria may be found any cheese, according to this report. So the crux of the whole deal in Washington and some other states is a zero-dectection limit with a zero-tolerance which is an impossibility to achieve—even in the cleanest of cheese operations, not whether it is detected.)

In my telephone conversation with them tonight, they said they expect the state Department of Agriculture and the Health Department to inspect and get involved. A lawsuit against FDA is pending and a fundraiser is in the making to help them make it through this escalating ordeal, Anthony explained. They said there has been an outpouring from everywhere on how people can help. The cows need to be kept fed, but the cheese is locked up—they have not produced cheese for 8 weeks–their marginal source of income to support their home-schooled children and the 80-head cowherd. They are most frugal: their newest vehicle they drive to their home-church fellowship is 10 years old—besides maintaining their old equipment. There are no employees, only family members run the operation.The farm may not survive—their customers are livid- denying them food for needed for their health—for such a ridiculous action.

READ ON, the the full scoop.


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3 responses to “UPDATE on Another FDA Cheese Bust on Family Food Ministry: Award-winning Artisan Raw Cheese Producer

  1. .And if they are denied their search warrants, and if we can call the police to defend our rights….this won’t happen???

    Why don’t we educate our local communities, since we are tax payers, and the foundation of a sturdy community is their land, their ag, their independence and their health.

    It saves them all over the place on their budgets to encourage and support local small farmers…..down to clear healthy minds for education, budget, the appeal for community growth, great restaurants with local organic food, a visitors draw card, tax base, etc, etc, to say nothing for the beautiful photo ops for public relations.

    It also increases other jobs, as more farmers in the community means more business of every kind..

    …It seems that if the local enforcement knows ahead and is prepared and on our side….we would have allies in the community.

    Belong to the local business groups of town/city and offer education, tours to the schools…be a really visible positive presence in the communities.

    IT would also encourage more family farmers…the base of a good economy.

  2. if we hit this hard everywhere, we will strain the fed budget for this…(well, maybe, they don’t seem to have a budget that ever would stop them)…..we would strain their manpower…..but not if we do it slowly…..there are more of us!
    Prepare ahead of time. Educate your local doctors…science cannot be refuted! Dig out the proof of health and healing, articles, journals, real life examples in your community….we should have these testimonials posted somewhere….that would be wise and prudent, even if names have to be changed on the public document to protect for the time being…..
    the idea is, not slow, but lots of this PR, all at ounce, so they cannot twist and persecute and silence us one at a time.
    Non-violent, truth, legal preparedness in your community.

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