Fluoride Poisoning Victim Speaks Out–Reveals Effects

The CDC has recently stated 42 percent of children suffer from fluorisis. Last week that the U.S. government is recommending reduced fluoride levels in our drinking water for the first time in 50 years. They are citing “a fresh review of the science.” Also, the Fluoride Action Network has notified us yesterday that the EPA has accepted their findings and research toward  stopping the spraying of toxic sulfuryl fluoride on fruits and vegetables. An article out today at Natural News speaks of the rapid growth of allergies to aluminum from the aluminum in vaccinations . . . and this is also related to fluoride overdose (more later on this one). Why does the government allow people to be unknowingly medicated, when the science is well-published now and for decades, that fluoridation of municipal water supplies is not safe, not effective and not necessary?

Dr. Sylvia Onusic, a past contributor to our Journal has  just put out this article on a victim of fluoride poisoning over at Kimberly Hartke’s blog. We will place it in our fluoride fraud collection as well as the environmental deception series. Here is the intro:

Introducing Aliss Terpstra, Fluoride Poisoning Survivor

By Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD

Aliss Terpstra is a slim, vibrant woman, self assured, sporting a page boy streaked with grey.  She radiates an air of confidence; her smile is warming and kind. But the truth is that now, in her late fifties, Aliss cannot take her health for granted; she can become ill very quickly, like a person with celiac disease for whom wheat gluten is toxic. In her case, the toxin is fluoride.

Aliss has become a fluoride barometer.  If there is increased fluoride in the air, the food, a vitamin pill or even the glass of water she is drinking, her body lets her know it, with unpleasant and sometimes debilitating symptoms.  Aliss was chronically poisoned by fluoride that accumulated in her body since conception and childhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan, America’s first city to have artificial water fluoridation. This affected her bones and endocrine system in adulthood. Today her body’s calcium reserves are low; she can’t cope well with a sudden increase in fluoride intake, and she must be very careful about choosing medications, what she eats, drinks, and even breathes.

Read the full story and comments at HartkeinOnline.

3 responses to “Fluoride Poisoning Victim Speaks Out–Reveals Effects

  1. I cannot see the google ads, but it would not surprise me if there is a Google ad from Gerber promoting their fluoridated baby water.

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  3. I know Aliss personally. I am acquainted with her story, having met her at the Fluoride Conference in Canton NY, July 24-25, 2010. I also met Deborah Moore of Second look who clued me in to the possible impact of fluorinated substances on fibromyalgia by vaccine injections, augmented by those in water, fruits and vegetables and beverages. Our city, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, has been flouoridated since 1964, my 1st exposure. My absence from fluoridated water for 11 years starting in 1971 created a priming fuse for sensitivity which triggered my fibromyalgia in 1988 when I received 3 consecutive doses of increasingly powerful, fluorinated antibiotics vaccines to combat some infection I had contracted… Although I had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, the definitive and devastating diagnosis came in 1994. By October 2008, I was taking 500 mg of morphine, other pain killers and was still feeling debilitating and chronic pain. I was also on over a dozen other medications for opportunistic illnesses brought on by other medications and a lowered immune system. I was also grossly overweight and barely able to function.
    For over a year prior to the 2010 Fluoride Conference, I had been drinking distilled water, eating more healthy foods and reducing my toxic load while attempting to detoxify my body.
    Starting in March 2009, I began to heal after finding a natural remedy that began to dramatically melt away the pain after the first week that I started taking it. I added vitamins A, B complex, C, D & E to my modified healthy nutrition plan and continued to heal. In April 2010, I began an exercise program that continued the healing process and now feel confident that I am on the raod to recovery, except for any encounter with any fluorinated products, which sends me into extreme pain in various muscles and joints.
    That’s MY story…

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