Mass Fluoride Medication in Water Supplies Based on Fraudulent Science: You Decide

Fluoridation of municipal water supplies at its outset in the 40s was based on fraudulent science, according to an article released tonight by Sylvia Onusic.  As I have said on my fluoride and environmental deception column:  Americans are unknowingly being medicated and overdosed without being informed as to the health dangers. Under federal laws it amounts to unethical and possible criminal behavior– especially since the science of its toxicity is well-documented. On my next installment, I will give you a list of at least 500 reference mostly from peer-reviewed journals put together in a book released in November. But for now, I am convinced the mass drugging is much like vaccinations: unsafe, ineffective and unnecessary.–Augie

Here is the introduction to Sylvia’s article:

Anti-fluoride RALLY in Australia. Banned largely in Europe, but only a few cities in America.

The Great Fluoride Experiment at Grand Rapids

By Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD, with contributions by Aliss Terpstra, CN

The city officials of Grand Rapids in the 1940s had no idea that fluoridation chemicals were toxic industrial waste contaminated with lead and arsenic. They had been reassured that fluoridation was just the “adjustment” of natural fluoride levels. The US Public Health Department, headed by the “father of fluoridation,” H. Trendley Dean, had examined the teeth of children drinking water with high natural fluoride and then approved what was supposed to be a 15 to 20 year study of artificial fluoridation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The teeth of 30,000 school children were to be monitored up to adulthood, to show the American public that water fluoridation was safe and effective in preventing tooth decay.According to Aliss Terpstra, now an anti-fluoride activist and survivor of the Grand Rapids study, the dental health results at Grand Rapids were quite different than what Dean had announced. The children in the cohort born after 1945 and exposed to fluoride from birth had fewer erupted permanent teeth, but more cavities and more dental fluorosis at age 7 than children born ten years earlier and not exposed before age 5, so the study was simply stopped. The Muskegon children born and raised without extra fluoride actually had better teeth. This information was removed from the study when it was published.

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3 responses to “Mass Fluoride Medication in Water Supplies Based on Fraudulent Science: You Decide

  1. I am an Anti-Fluoride activist for the State of Michigan. my facebook page is NoFluorideMichigan. I would like to contact these two ladies somehow to have a meeting held in Grand Rapids for further public exposure, of the Fluoride Issue concerning Michiganders. I was born in Michigan and have been exposed to this F ion , which is not Sodium fluoride but Industrial Toxic Waste or Farm Runoff of fertilizer or run off from Aluminium factories called by the Quality Water Reports as the “F” ion , from either run off or added to our tap water. I have was diagnosed with Moderate Osteoporosis/skeletal fluorosis, and Cervical DDD/osteonecrosis, and Hypothyroidism/Goiter as spoken about in article:
    “The Chronology of Fluoridation by Val Valerian…..Fluoride
    The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology has classified Fluoride as an unapproved dental medicament due to its high toxicity.
    Fluoride was found to be an equivocal carcinogen by the National Cancer Institute Toxicological Program.

    A Chronology of Fluoridation
    By Val Valerian

    Material Added on November 3, 1997
    (c) 1996,1997 Leading Edge Research Group. All Rights Reserved.
    P.O. Box 7530, Yelm, Washington 98597 Email:

    “Fluoridation is not a Communist Plot; it is an attempt by industry to camouflage their deadliest pollutant, with government officials and Madison Avenue advertisers beating the drums. The fluoridation empire is like a castle built on quicksand.” Gladys Caldwell, author, “Fluoridation and Truth Decay”, 1974.
    (I am going to post some of the events of the years as acceptance of this Neurot1oxin into our water evoloved.) directly from the 48 page booklet.

    1928 The equivalent of the U.S. Public Health Service is under the jurisdiction of Treasury Secretary Andrew W. Mellon, a founder and major stockholder of ALCOA aluminum, a major producer of toxic fluoride wastes. Mellon would step down from control of the Public Health in 1931.

    1928 Edward L.Bernays, nephew to Sigmund Freud, writes the book Propaganda, in which he explains the structure of the mechanism which controls the public mind, and how it is manipulated by those who wish to create public acceptance for a particular idea or commodity. Says Bernays, “those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. Our minds are molded, our tastes are formed, largely by men we have never heard of.” Bernays represents another connection to Germany and would be essential in the fluoride campaign in the United States. Wrote Bernay’s, “if you can influence group leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway.” (See Bernay’s, 1947, and the fluoride campaign).

    1930 Kettering Laboratory is founded from gifts from Ethyl Corporation, General Electric and DuPont (all who have interlocking relationships with I.G. Farben in Germany) to “investigate chemical hazards in American industrial operations” under contract, with provision that research “shall not be released to the public without the consent of the contracting company.” During the mid-20th century, Kettering dominated the medical literature on the toxicology of fluorides, but information was not released into the public domain.

    1931 A considerable portion of Kettering Laboratory’s facilities are dedicated to the study of fluorides. Under contract, the studies are not releasable to the public. (See also 1939, Mellon Institute)

    1931 Three independent groups of scientists determine that fluoride in the water is the cause of dental mottling. Research teams from ALCOA Aluminum (who have fluorides as a hazardous by-product of aluminum manufacture) and the University of Arizona. Also shown by North African investigators and others. Dr. Gerald Cox of the Mellon Institute, owners of ALCOA, would later solve the expensive disposal problem with toxic fluorides by convincing others that it could be dumped in the public water supply as a “preventative” for tooth decay.

    1931 Under an agreement with I.G. Farben, ALCOA accepts a restriction on the production of magnesium in the U.S, hampering the war effort, while Germany itself stepped up production. Most of the U.S. production was shipped out of the country to Germany.

    1931 Public Health Service dentist H. Trendley Dean is dispatched by ALCOA founder Andrew Mellon to certain remote towns in the Western U.S. where water wells have a naturally high concentration of calcium fluorides. Dean’s mission would be to find out how much fluoride people could physically tolerate before obvious visible damage to their teeth. Dean publishes a purposely skewed and deceptive study which purports to show that at 1ppm, flourides result in the “reduction of tooth decay”. (See Gerald Cox, 1939)
    1940 “Fluoride inhibits neuromuscular activity”. Ref: Russo, G. Att.Acad. Sci. Nat.., 1940.

    1940 Soviet concentration camps maintained by fluoride administration to inmates to decrease resistance to authority and induce physical deteriorization.

    1942 “Fluorine may cause anoxia in the newborn and shorten the period of their survival” Ref: Himwich, H.E., et al., American Journal of Physiology, 1942.

    1942 Germany becomes worlds largest producer of aluminum (and Sodium Fluoride). Fluoride is used in the concentration camps to render the prisoners docile and inhibit the questioning of authority.

    1943 Researchers from the US Public Health Service examine the health of residents of Bartlett, Texas to see if the 8ppm fluoride in the drinking water was affecting their health. It was checked again in 1953. They find that the death rate in Bartlett was three times higher than a neighboring town which contained 0.4 ppm fluoride.

    1943 A special New York State Health Department Committee is appointed to study the advisability of adding fluoride to Newburg’s drinking water, chaired by Dr. Hodge, then chief of fluoride toxicity studies for the Manhattan Project.

    1943 The Journal of the American Medical Association on September 18, 1943, contains an article, “Chronic Fluorine Intoxication”, which states, “fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons, changing the permeability of the cell membrane by inhibiting certain enzymes. The exact mechanism of such actions, it was said, are obscure. The sources of fluorine intoxication are drinking water containing 1ppm or more of fluorine, fluorine compounds used as insecticidal sprays for fruits and vegatables (cryolite and barium fluoro- silicate) and the mining and conversion of phosphate rock to superphosphate, which is used as a fertilizer. That process alone releases approximately 25,000 tons of pure fluorine into the atmosphere annually. Other sources of fluorine intoxication is from the fluorides used in the smelting of many metals, such as steel and aluminum, and in the production of glass, enamel and brick.”
    1943 Environmental pollution by toxic metals, including fluorides, affects forests, livestock, and urban residents, but coverage remains on local levels.

    1944 “Even at 1ppm, fluoride in drinking water poisons cattle, horses and sheep” (Moules, G.R., Water Pollution Research and Summary of Current Literature, 1944.
    1944 An April 29, 1944 Manhattan Project memo, released in 1997, states “Clinical evidence suggests that uranium hexafluoride may have a rather marked central nervous system effect, with mental confusion, drowsiness and lassitude as the conspicuous features… it seems that the fluoride component is the causative factor….since work with these compounds is essential, it will be necessary to know in advance what mental effects may occur after exposure, if workmen are to be properly protected. This is important not only to protect a given individual, but also to prevent a confused workman from injuring others by improperly performing his duties”. Ref: Previously classified SECRET Manhattan Project Memo, 29 April 1944, declassified and released from the National Archives.
    1944 The October 1944 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association cautions that “knowledge of the subject does not warrant the introduction of fluorine in community water supplies generally. Sodium fluoride is a highly toxic substance, and while its applications in safe concentrations, and under strict control by competent personnel, may prove to be useful therepeutically, under other circumstances it may definitely be harmful. To be effective, fluorine must be ingested into the system during the years of tooth development, and we do not yet know enough about the chemistry involved to anticipate what other conditions may be produced in the structure of the bone and other tissues of the body generally. We do know that the use of drinking water containing as little as 1.2 to 3.0 ppm of fluorine will cause such developmental disturbances in bones as osteosclerosis, spondylosis, and osteopetrosis, as well as goiter, and we cannot run the risk of producing such serious systemic disturbances in applying what is at present a doubtful procedure intended to prevent development of dental disfigurements among children … because of our anxiety to find some therapeutic procedure that will promote mass prevention of caries, the seeming potentialities of fluorine appear speculatively attractive, but, in the light of our present knowledge or lack of knowledge of the chemistry of the subject, the potentialities for harm far outweigh those for good.”

    1945 An FDA Chief inspector discovers that fluorides are being added to beer by the Commonwealth Brewing Company of Massachusetts (the same state where they did experimental fluoride treatments on institutionalized children). The owner of the brewery was arrested and subjected to a Federal jury trial for poisoning the beer. The indictment charged that the beer contained “an added poison or deleterious poison, fluoride, which was unsafe within the meaning of the statute (Section 301a of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act), since it was a substance not required in the production of the beer, it could have been avoided by good manufacturing practice.” The fact was established that the fluoride was added in the concentration of 0.5 ppm. The jury was instructed that fluoride was established to be harmful and poisonous, and that it was unimportant to show how much beer it would take to demonstrate harmful effects. Beer was classified as a food and fluoride as a poison in 1945. The Commonwealth Brewery Company was slapped with a $10,000 fine, and Kaufmann, the owner, was given a 6 month suspended jail sentence and a three year probation period.

    1945 Newburgh, New York has their water supply fluoridated in May 1945. Subsequent exams of the children by x-ray reveal that almost 14% have cortical defects in bone, compared to the nearby unfluoridated town of Kingston, where 7.5% have bone defects. The data is suppressed. In tandum, Project F (connected with the Manhattan Project) conducted their own studies of Newburg residents, focusing on the amounts of fluoride Newburg residents retained in the tissues and blood – key information sought by the bomb program, according to previously classified documents released in 1997. See 1956
    1945 The newspaper Philadelphia Record, 18 October 1945, reveals an article entitled “First Bomb Suit for Ruined Peaches filed by Salem County Growers for $400,000” details suits against chemical manufacturers connected with the Manhattan Atomic Bomb Project for hydrogen fluoride damage to peach groves. Companies involved were DuPont de Nemours (which has been interacting with I.G. Farben in Nazi Germany), the Sun Oil Company and the General Chemical Company.

    1945 The government does a public test case of fluoridation, comparing fluoridated Grand Rapids with unfluoridated Muskegon, Michigan. The study is to last ten years. After one year, it becomes obvious to the government that fluorides do not conform to their public propaganda, and the study is terminated. The city of Muskegon is then fluoridated in 1947 to conceal the difference in effect. Other experiments are performed covertly on population areas, without the knowledge of the subjects
    Do you need to read any more!!!!!!!!!!,for the rest of the chronoloyg go to the article:
    Do you see that the Citizens of the USA have become the “human toxic dumpsite for the aluminum and fertilizer industry, and we pay them to poison us with our taxdollars and water bill payments, while the cities of our nation, city council and city managers are responible for administrating this , “drug, neurotoxin, industrial toxic waste product for Big Busniess and Big Pharma and Big Medical System to make a profit on our diseases and dental side effects it causes.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was thrilled to hear the news on January 7th,2011, when the HHS and EPA and now CDC announced that they had taken a second look at the science on Fluoride and have decided to lower the amount to .7ppm. Its a start but it should be eliminated all together.
    The hazardous chemical they are adding to fluoridate our water is not Sodium Fluoride, from a rock , but its called the “F” ion, added is hydrofluorisilicic acid, collected from industrial toxic waste from the fertilizer or Aluminum factories hydrating Fluorine gas and cooling it , it becomes a yellow highly toxic acid, and is then brought and dumped into our water and mixed and regulated by the EPA. The EPA DOES NOT ENDORSE HF-2 , FOR USE ON HUMANS, FOR THEY ONLY ENDORSE THOSE CHEMICALS THAT TREAT WATER. THE FDA HAS NEVER APPROVED THE INGESTION OF ANY FLUORIDE OR F ION PRODUCT.
    NOR HAVE THEY APPROVED THE DENTAL PRODUCTS, THEY WORK OFF A “LABEL” . THEIR GELS AND VARNISHES ARE APPLIED IN VERY HIGH DOSES OF FLUROIDE TO CHILDREN’S TEETH AND EVEN TO INFANTS GUMS. POLYFLOR AND FLUORIDE TABLETS IS OFTEN PRESCRIBED TO INFANTS BY M.D’S. I spoke with a mother is just sick in heart over her daughter now 15 yrs old who has moderate Dental Fluorosis., self conscious of the appearance of her teeth. Her dentist informed them as to what it was , and then asked if she was givin Polyflor or Fluoride tablets as a child , and she said yes, upon the first office visit, because we have well water and she was told here give your child this and it will prevent tooth decay….Now her dentists says, well if she hadn’t have had fluoride before her second teeth erputed she wouldn’t have gotten dental flouoris, and proceeded to tell the mother how much Veneers would cost , which is the only thing that can correct the problem! The mother feels so betrayed and so disheartened not to be able to afford the repairs and having trusted her dentists and doctors in the early years of that childs life…….
    Now due to our government aiding and abetting the corporate world with this Bio -Accumulative, Endocrine Disruptor and Enzyme Inhibitor,to be added to our drinking water, the FDA now allows that same toxin to be used by Big Pharma to maked toxic dosese of it for treatment of disease.
    The F ion is used to make all of the SSI’s, e.g Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro, as Fluoxetine. The bi-phosphates of fertilizer are what Fosamax is made from, plus other brand names for the treatment of Osteoporosis,the same thing that caused it is given for treatment. The quinolones, e.g Cipro and Levequin are used to treat infection, not by being an antibiotic which it is not, but the label reads if given in high doses it will serve as an Antibacterial.
    and of course many are suing due to “Spontaneous Tendon Rupture”.
    And their last miracle drug is via again the FDA backdoor, is Flurothane.
    or Flurine gas and bromine and chlorine…..go put you in a COMA while being operated on. Nitrous oxide is not used at all anymore according to my brothers anesthiologist. I asked what is the antidote? He walked out of the room. I looked it up on the FDA Docket and many infants died in the OR from using it. And how many have we heard , felt their surgeries in the past 5 years? Nausea and vomiting and confusion has been reported by many in the recovery rooms after having been given Fluorothane gas for their anesthesia. Fluorine is not to be breathed , its not part of the natural air we breathe like Nitrous Oxide is …which had very few side effects. Because all they had to do was given oxygen to correct it…. I don’t know what they give to correct Fluorine gas anesthesia? If someone does let me know. I am scared to death to know that if I ever have surgery , again I will have no choice but to be administered a very toxic and dangerous anesthesia , since I was told that is all they use now days!~
    The EPA says, the toxic fatal dose of the F ion or Fluoride is 3pp/mgs. to 5ppm/mgs. So if your water contains 1.2ppm to 4ppm /per liter/32 oz’s.
    I guess that is all you should drink for the day. of course wherever a company is producing baby food or fruit juices or soda pop , or if you eggs are being sprayed with it or vegetables, I don’t know you can calculate how much you have consumed per day. ?
    Also, the AMA reported in 2006, Do not give your infant , 12mos or under any Fluoridated water, or they will have Dental Fluorosis. Their teeth will be a reflection of what their bones are doing as well. Haven’t we heard that children are having an increase in unexplained bone fractures? And how many hip and knee replacements are having to be done on those of us who have consumed fluoridated water for at least 60yrs in Michigan!
    The National Osteoporosis Foundation, predicts that the 41 out of 70million baby boomers will be diagnosed with Osteoporosis and degenerative disc disease! Well sure we will….that neurotoxin deposits and accumulates in our bones and teeth and organs and brains.
    And the EPA told me that if there is Aluminum and Fluoride in your drinking water it will burn a hole in your brain and that is what is now called Alzheimers diease!!!!!!
    Fluorine (version 1) – Periodic Table of Videos
    Fluorine (new) – Periodic Table of Videos -explains the F ion
    Demo:Fluorine gas burns a hole in Steel Wool pad!!!!!!!! July 10, 2010
    Written by: Marty L. Hinz, MD
    President Clinical Research
    NeuroResearch Clinics, Inc.
    Cape Coral, Florida USA Research Office

    Access Peer-Reviewed Scientific Literature of NeuroResearch

    On this page is the most comprehensive list found date, 1,178 neurotoxins. This list is from information published by several US government agencies such as OSHA and Center for Disease Control. For a list of neurotransmitter diseases click here. A neurotoxin is substances which cause damage to the structures of the brain leading to chronic disease.

    I know this information is overwhelming, it has been for me too, but I do believe it needs to be looked at, which they are beginning to do now , and I am so thankful. If you wish to contact me , I have a facebook page , called
    NoFluorideMichigan. I would be happy to communcate with your further.
    This chemical is far worse and spread all over our nation for too long. The Little Traverse Bay near Petoskey and Harbor Springs, Mi. has waste water runoff of F ion per EPA of .3ppm, and that Bay opens up into Lake Michigan. So think of the dilution of that element! Think of the wasted fluoridated water from our tap water that not only polluted us but polluted our Great Lakes! I wish our state would go Organic and rotate our farms soils for planting and stop fertilizing the fields with phosphates. It’s ruining our fish and our land and our health. I would be willing to pay a Organic Farmer my grocery money every month to maintain my community in Orgainicly grown produce, meats and milk……Wouldn’t you?
    The Manufacturers of Aluminum and Fertilizer need to take responsibility for their own Industrial Toxic Waste and Stop making our nation’s water take the pollution! Our health care costs were go down. Most of Europe refuses their water to be fluoridated, they know the hazardards of it. And when our states are going bankrupt and our cities, cutting the cost of this fluoride would help. Besides why are the dentists afraid of dental caries?
    Or is it because they know that 47% of the children who drink fluoridated water will get dental flurosois and yes less cavities due to thickness of the teeth, but oh yes, they will make much more money on repairing them through their new speciality of Cosmetic Denistry! Bottomline its not about our health is about the money that can be made on creating diseased humans. After all A sick animal makes the farmer no money but a sick human sure makes for higher premiums, higher medicall costs and higher Medicard and Medicare costs….all paid for out of pocket by the taxpayers.

    • It is quite a post you have here– and it seems I have seen some of it before. Thank you and I will look forward to reading this.
      I have forwarded you post to the author and publisher and they can reach your witness.

  2. This should be simple – just ask the ADA, CDC, DHHS, EPA and all pro-fluoridation advocates to come forward to name a study demonstrating the safety of current fluoride levels in drinking water and the effect of excessive daily intake of fluoride as a possible cause to chronic fluoride poisoning.

    Produce a single peer reviewed, double blind, variable controlled, piece of research that states silicofluoride compounds, with their co-contaminants of heavy metals and radionuclides, are both safe for human ingestion and are effective at systemically preventing dental decay.

    Name one that didn’t exclude everyone with symptoms or use inappropriate methods. Don’t rely on the sanitized reviews of the studies – ask for the originals.

    No one can name a study because none exist. There were no legitimate long-term controlled studies; and no attempt to identify, verify, or gather reports of suspected or confirmed cases.

    EPA scientists at
    “We applied EPA’s risk control methodology, … the data leads to a Reference Dose for fluoride of 0.000007 mg/kg-day. The implication for the general public of these calculations is clear. Recent, peer-reviewed toxicity data, when a to EPA’s standard method for controlling risks from toxic chemicals, require an immediate halt to the use of the nation’s drinking water reservoirs as disposal sites for the toxic waste of the phosphate fertilizer industry\24. “

    Ron Eheman – I am a fluoride poisoned person. No I am not dead, but was coming close until I started using clean water.

    Other fluoride poisoned persons can be found at my support group


    EPA Unions Call for Nationwide Moratorium on Fluoridation,

    Congressional Hearing on Adverse Effects, Youth Cancer Cover Up

    Eleven EPA employee unions representing over 7000 environmental and public health professionals of the Civil Service have called for a moratorium on drinking water fluoridation programs across the country, and have asked EPA management to recognize fluoride as posing a serious risk of causing cancer in people. The unions acted following revelations of an apparent cover-up of evidence from Harvard School of Dental Medicine linking fluoridation with elevated risk of a fatal bone cancer in young boys.

    The unions sent letters to key Congressional committees asking Congress to legislate a moratorium pending a review of all the science on the risks and benefits of fluoridation. The letters cited the weight of evidence supporting a classification of fluoride as a likely human carcinogen, which includes other epidemiology results similar to those in the Harvard study, animal studies, and biological reasons why fluoride can reasonably be expected to cause the bone cancer – osteosarcoma – seen in young boys and test animals. The unions also pointed out recent work by Richard Maas of the Environmental Quality Institute, University of North Carolina that links increases in lead levels in drinking water systems to use of silicofluoride fluoridating agents with chloramines disinfectant.

    The letter to EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson asked him to issue a public warning in the form of an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking setting the health-based drinking water standard for fluoride at zero, as it is for all known or probable human carcinogens, pending a recommendation from a National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council committee. That committee’s work is not expected to be done before 2006.

    The unions also asked Congress and EPA’s enforcement office, or the Department of Justice, to look into reasons why the Harvard study director, Chester Douglass, failed to report the seven-fold increased risk seen in the work he oversaw, and instead wrote to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the federal agency that funded the Harvard study, saying there was no link between fluoridation and osteosarcoma. Douglass sent the same negative report to the National Research Council committee studying possible changes in EPA’s drinking water standards for fluoride.

    The unions who signed the letters represent EPA employees from across the nation, including laboratory scientists in Ohio, Oklahoma and Michigan, regulatory support scientists and other workers at EPA headquarters in Washington, D.C. and science and regulatory workers in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and San Francisco. They are affiliated with the National Treasury Employees Union, the American Federation of Government Employees, Engineers and Scientists of California/International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, and the National Association of Government Employee/Service Employees International Union.

    The unions’ letter is online at


    Dr. William Hirzy, Vice-President

    NTEU Chapter 280

    Phone(cell) 202-285-0498

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