BREAKING: Autism and Vaccine Link– Dr. Andrew Wakefield Speaks Out

In the wake of a massive and coordinated attack by the government/media partnership this week, Dr. Wakefield tells his response to the story in this brief news release. This is a wake-up call to the CDC,  public health officials and the medical megaplex, that more and more parents are saying No to vaccinations as pro-vaccine educators and health practitioners speak out.  Odd that a 12-year old paper that suggests a link to autism is pulled out at this time–and cause such a great stir. And guess what happened to me near my cubical stall at the health department this week– more on this at the bottom.–Augie

BREAKING NEWS:  Statement From Dr. Andrew Wakefield: No Fraud. No Hoax. No Profit Motive.

Dr. wakefield AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Andrew Wakefield issued the following statement today on the recent British Medical Journal articles:

“The British Medical Journal and reporter Brian Deer recently alleged that my 1998 research paper was ‘a hoax’ and ‘an elaborate fraud’ and that my motivation was profit.

“I want to make one thing crystal clear for the record – my research and the serious medical problems found in those children were not a hoax and there was no fraud whatsoever. Nor did I seek to profit from our findings.

“I stand by the Lancet paper’s methodology and the results which call for more research into whether environmental triggers cause gastrointestinal disease and developmental regression in children. In fact, despite media reports to the contrary, the results of my research have been duplicated in five other countries (to see citations to studies, visit Age of Autism

“It is not unexpected to see poor reporting and misinformation coming from Brian Deer, the lead reporter of the recent BMJ coverage. But to see coverage in other media that cites Deer’s shoddy journalism in the BMJ as a final justification to claim there is no link between vaccines and autism is ludicrous. The MMR is only one vaccine of the eleven vaccinations on the pediatric schedule that has been studied for causing developmental problems such as autism. That is fact, not opinion. Any medical professional, government official or journalist who states that the case is closed on whether vaccines cause autism is jumping to conclusions without the research to back it up.

“I continue to fully support more independent research to determine if environmental triggers, including vaccines, are causing autism and other developmental problems. The current rate of autism is 1 in 110 children in the United States and 1 in 64 children in the U.K. My goal has always been and will remain the health and safety of children. Since the Lancet paper, I have lost my job, my career and my country. To claim that my motivation was profit is patently untrue. I will not be deterred – this issue is far too important.”


Most will agree, including health officials, that environment (or genetics) plays a role in autism and other neurological disorders. (Vaccines and other stressors/toxins can cause gene damage). But nothing can be more “environment” than food and water for the most part, and certainly inoculations. It is absurd to think it is not. But many will say we don’t know what the cause is, but we know damn well know it is not vaccines. To think that injection of known neurotoxins and genetically modified pathogens into a baby’s blood cannot cause neurological effects, as the CDC data openly shows (only 3-4% may be reported to VAERS). Any environmental toxicologist knows that. At our Vaccine Nation Series you will see Robert F. Kennedy explain on video how the vaccine/autism data was manipulated and covered up. Now to my story . . .

. . . I was delighted and thankful that a co-worker posted an article right outside my cubical stall where I sit at the local health department. It was the editor’s column in the Akron-Beacon Journal on Tuesday, entitled something like Vaccine/Autism Link Study A Fraud. The co-worker (and the entire office) knew very well I have taken extended medical leave to set up a program to assist my autistic son in behavioral improvements. I was delighted, as it gave me reason to respond appropriately: simply posting next to it in plain site a nice poster on 48 Doses of 14 Vaccines before Age 6? along with the introduction of the upcoming book Vaccine Epidemic.Yes, it is up for all to see—just the facts. As far as the editorial, you can bet he had no background or even read Wakefield’s book about his research.  He was just parroting the propaganda on the perfect poison. The history of vaccination (and the autism/vaccine controversy) has within it plenty of fraud and cover-up—after all, the government is known for its masterful half-truths. Although I must admit I know little of Dr. Wakefield’s work, I know of others more qualified than I that do, and most active in autism cause and treatment that stand behind this man 100 per cent. I do know that the massive attack has all the makings and motives of another witch-hunt and a burning on a stake. Mark my word, 2011 we will hear the sirens louder and louder—on both sides.

Parents of autistic children and pro-vaccination education/choice, including those within CDC, HHS and the health agencies, are welcome to join my private list– and of course family farm food freedom lovers–Augie

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  1. If you have not seen it yet, please watch Dr Mercola’s interview of Dr. Wakefield. His calm defense is in stark contrast to the vitriol thrown at him.

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