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This is a wonderful book for basic instruction in real food and nutrition. What an incredible gift Sally Fallon Morell has made to the world of cooking and nutrition by giving the free electronic version to anyone daring to click the pic. The announcement below is posted at the Weston A. Price Foundation website. Thanks, Sally! — Augie

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As an alternative to the USDA lowfat, high-carbohydrate dietary guidelines, the Weston A. Price Foundation proposes Healthy 4 Life, a dietary plan in the form of a colorful booklet and poster featuring four food groups: animal foods; grains, legumes and nuts; vegetables and fruits; and healthy fats.

Rather than prescribe one-size-fits-all levels of macronutrients—fats, carbohydrates and proteins—the Healthy 4 Life plan recommends nutrient-dense versions of animal and plant foods, with particular emphasis on healthy traditional fats like butter, lard, egg yolks and coconut oil.  The plan does not specify specific amounts of fats or carbohydrates because the need for these macronutrients varies with the individual.  Those who engage in high levels of physical activity can incorporate more carbohydrates in the diet without gaining weight; those needing to lose weight or control blood glucose levels require more healthy fats in the diet as fats provide satiety and help keep blood sugar within a normal range.

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The proposed 2010 USDA Dietary Guidelines perpetuate the mistakes of previous guidelines in demonizing saturated fats and animal foods rich in saturated fatty acids such as egg yolks, butter, whole milk, cheese, fatty meats like bacon and animal fats for cooking. The current obesity epidemic emerged as vegetable oils and refined carbohydrates replaced these healthy, nutrient-dense traditional fats. Animal fats supply many essential nutrients that are difficult to obtain from other sources.

By restricting healthy animal fats in school lunches and diets for pregnant women and growing children, the USDA Guidelines will accelerate the tragic epidemic of learning and behavior disorders.  The nutrients found most abundantly in animal fats and organ meats—including choline, cholesterol and arachidonic acid—are critical for the development of the brain and the function of receptors that modulate thinking and behavior. The vitamins and fatty acids carried uniquely in saturated animal fats are necessary for normal reproduction.  The 2010 Guidelines will increase infertility in this country, already at tragically high rates.

The colorful Healthy 4 Life booklet contains easy-to-understand explanations of the need for animal protein and saturated fats, along with basic recipes. You can instantly downloas the Healthy 4 Life booklet as a PDF  (it will pop up in a new window!), or order it by calling the WAPF office at (202) 363-4394 or printing out and mailing the Order Form.

We are planning to make  Healthy 4 Life available as a free bonus when ordering any of our eBooks on food and nutrition in our companion iShop. This way, when people order Living Food paper bulletins, for example, they will also receive this gift also. We are also placing an order to print up and assemble 100 Recipe Cards for Kids loaded with recipes with real nutrient-dense foods like real milk, eggs, meats, honey etc. The eCards are already in the  iShop. If you are interested in the laminated hard cards, please email This will give us a better idea how many first editions to run. More on this later. — Augie

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9 responses to “NEW FREE eBook Now! Healthy 4 Life

  1. Ok. I could not download this because it was password protected ? ? ? Anyone else have this problem ?

  2. Thanks for sharing about this, Augie! It looks like a great book!

  3. Acrobat Reader on my computer says it cannot deencrypt this; I really, really want it; I love Sally Fallon!

  4. Very well done. It’s like Nourishing Traditions basics in a “nutshell”!! Thank you Sally Fallon for this handy little book. :-))

  5. I cannot download this book, even tried to save it and then open directly with Acrobat, says file not of a type expected. Please help – really want to read this!

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