Where’s the Blueberries?

One would think if a food package says “blueberry” cereal or muffins it would have some blueberries in it. Luring buyers this way is what food manufacturers bank on. In the name of profit, the cheapest ingredients are used. After all, each blueberry may cost a penny. The con artistry in the advertising of food including deceptive package labeling is at an all-time high and it is everwhere. This 7-minute video from Mike Adams at Natural News explains it well.

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3 responses to “Where’s the Blueberries?

  1. found optimum (organic) cereal at marcs $2.98 for 14oz. however it does contain organic soy flour. but no oils,pretty good. Kashi has more blueberries. both are very good. keith

  2. blueberries r not available year round! yet 1 in 3 people continually ask me mid winter “can i have a bowl of berries 4 dessert?” so annoying i wanna smack em but i would loose my glorious job as a waiter

  3. Why eat energy-intense, industrially-manufactured breakfast food at all?

    You can get a sack of organic rolled oats and a box of frozen organic blueberries for a fraction of the cost — both in dollars, and environmental — of the same amount of manufactured breakfast food. Embellish that with a scoop of freshly-ground organic flax and some hemp nuts, then use raw organic milk, and you have a meal worth eating!

    Real food does not come in a box.

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