Fluoridation Appreciation Day: Get The F Out! (Part 5)

With this deposit, I am introducing my readers to the new Fluoride Poisoning section of the Journal—now an amalgam of some seven articles and a few flicks. Also, browse our iShop and download eBooks for Health at livingfood.us while supporting our work.–Augie

The Fluoride Deception 

Today is history appreciation day at the Journal. All need to appreciate the history of mass fluoridation of our water supplies. Christopher Bryson, an award-winning investigative journalist and author of the book The Fluoride Deception is interviewed by Dr. Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network. 

In the late 1940s, 20 people were killed and 120 or so severely injured by an air pollution disaster in Donora, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. It was determined that it was most likely fluoride in the air that killed them. 

Even in air pollution short courses, the Donora incident is always emphasized, yet fluoride is never mentioned as being the deadly pollutant. (That history will soon change in Cleveland when I have the opportunity to make that announcement in one of those boring classes—hopefully it will wake everyone up!)

 As you will see in these superior videos, the Aluminum Company of America (later named Alcoa) and their purchased brains at the Mellon Institute had these facts buried for the most part. It was not laundry they would want to be airing nor would the U.S. military with their uranium enrichment programs and the phosphate fertilizer industry that were also very concerned about their toxic fluoride wastes and emissions. 

The videos displays the documents that show the steps taken to magically turn a toxic by-product into an “essential nutrient” to add the public water supplies at “optimum doses” for “healthy” teeth. With these short videos, you will gain an education all right, and an historical appreciation of the fluoride cure. 


Browse our iShop and download eBooks for Health at livingfood.us while supporting our work.

Also, be looking forward to another recipe contest on Meats and Soups, coming soon, so be sure to subscribe!–Augie

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