U.S. Fluoride Water Warning for Infants

This notice was put out by the Fluoride Action Network this morning. In New Hampshire last week, a bill requiring warnings on water bills cautioning not to allow infants to drink fluoridated water was shot down. This was in part because the opposition plead to print the warning would cost more in ink and thus be an unconstitutional unfunded mandate.– Augie

Start a Local Infant Notice Campaign


There is no better time than now to start an infant notice campaign in your own community.  Already, 41% of American adolescents have dental fluorosis, a percentage that is increasing every year.  An infant notice on water bills is a proactive way to educate parents and caregivers about infant exposure to fluoride so they can take action to prevent a further increase in fluorosis rates.

Below are the basic materials necessary to start a campaign locally.  Review all of the materials yourself to learn about the campaign, then share them with friends, colleagues, local media,  your pediatrician and dentist, and with local decision-makers, such as your city council or state Representatives.

SEE FANs Complete Resources for launching your Infant Warning campaign at http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Fluoride-Action-Update.html?soid=1103759775597&aid=6rA7twVCdsk

When you have organized a local campaign, or if you have any campaign questions, please contact FAN’s Campaign Manager.

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4 responses to “U.S. Fluoride Water Warning for Infants

  1. I was so frustrated with a dental hygienist last week recommending to someone i know that his daughter “get the right amount of fluoride because her permanent teeth are forming.” I ended up in a bit of a debate with her over this. I have had extreme dental fluorosis from childhood (which the hygienist kept insisting was tetracycline not fluoride) and i am sure that the Chronic Fatigue with which i live every day is from the fluoride as well.

    Her response was to dismiss me, saying, “This is my profession. I KNOW” (the benefits of fluoride).

    So frustrating the stupidity that professionals chose to embrace.

  2. This recent Chinese study makes a profoundly obvious point of why all parents need to oppose water fluoridation: Wang SX et al. (2007). Arsenic and fluoride exposure in drinking water: children’s IQ and growth in Shanyin County, Shanxi province, China. Environmental Health Perspectives 115(4):643-7.

    In the low fluoride area, there were 3½ times more bright children as in the high fluoride area. Also, the high fluoride area had 2 ½ times more mentally retarded children than the low fluoride area.

    What do we want for our children? Why would we even consider giving them fluoridated water, much less ADDITIONAL fluoride supplementation?!

    We didn’t used to know these statistics. Now we do and can make better informed decisions.

  3. The board of the Santa Clara Valley Water District (in California) held a public meeting March 22nd on water fluoridation. This summer they are scheduled to vote on whether or not to fluoridate the water supply. The board and their staff were given 20 copies of a 75-minute cd of doctors explaining the history, origin, and health hazards of this toxic waste. Doctors included John Lee, John Yiamouyannis, and Phyllis Mullenix. The audio is posted at the website http://www.MaeBrussell.com. Just go to the bottom of the homepage.

    If people were to burn a cd of that audio and spread it around (especially to churches, schools, health food stores and health clubs) you might find it very effective in waking up the public in your area. Good luck.

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