Radio Show: Augie on Fluoridation of Water Supplies

I am a guest on an internet radio show about fluoridation of water supplies, the health dangers and the public’s right to know of its effects. I will also cover the unethical practice of supporting continued fluoridation in light of volumes of research saying it is unsafe, ineffective and unneeded. LISTEN TO THE FIRST 5 MINUTES TO GET HOOKED ON THIS FLUORIDE DOSE. — Augie

5 responses to “Radio Show: Augie on Fluoridation of Water Supplies

  1. A major professional association of trial attorneys, the world’s largest trial bar, is educating a key group of its members about issues of harm from water fluoridation and fluorides. This link is to the first of two pieces to appear in the newsletter for lawyers in the Section on Toxic, Environmental, and Pharmaceutical Torts of the American Association for Justice (formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America):

    The following video of workers cleaning up the hydrofluosilicic acid look like workers at the damaged Japan nuclear reactors. It’s a good visual to show how really toxic fluoridation chemicals are.

    Hazmat Called to Rock Island Water Department Building

    Fairbanks Alaska
    City Fluoride Task Force releases recommendation to repeal water fluoridation ordinance. City is accepting public comment through March 31.

    Fluoride Draft Report

    Click to access 20110315draftreport.pdf

    Comment on the Report

  2. Woops. The timing on this article release was after the show started. But the recorded mp3 will be posted a bit later.

  3. Augie:

    Thanks for coming on. I hope we can do it again very soon.

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