Nutrient-dense Recipe eCards for Kids!– Using Farm Fresh Foods

We are pleased to announce the new, expanded and enhanced down-loadable Healthy Kids Recipe eCards, now with a big bonus  when you purchase them. These will be perfect for an Easter basket or gift anytime – Augie

  • 100 Easy Nutrient-dense Recipes
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, activities and drinks
  • Teach your kids and grandkids the art of cooking real food
  • eCards are Instantly Downloadable NOW!
  • PLUS FREE BONUS Healthy 4 Life eBook with 70 nutrient-dense recipes and nutrition education from Sally Fallon-Morrell and The Weston A. Price Foundation
These Recipe eCards are prepared and designed by Anji Sandage, Weston A. Price chapter leader in Salt Lake City. Kids of all ages should be getting into the kitchen with mom or dad and cooking together . . . with farm fresh foods. But children need to LEARN HOW . . . and cooking makes a wonderful teaching time for measuring, arithmetic, science, health and learning a little about the nutritional science behind their creations. Now they can with the new Healthy Kids Recipe eCards featuring nutrient-dense recipes by Anji Sandage. (She told me on the phone that she spent fifteen years collecting and perfecting the recipes for her children and all of her nieces and nephews—and recently upgraded them to natural food ingredients.) 

They will love you more for giving them the opportunity to cook real food a few times a week. Kids (and adults) need structure and direction and like being an important part of a functional family. A sense of accomplishment gives them the self esteem that only truly comes by earning it through achievement with the blessing of the entire family. They crave this stuff.

It is far more important to make time for this useful learning activity than in practicing soccer during the week for that game on Sunday, or worse, wasting time on video games, television and other such temporary gratification devices.

Read more about the Healthy Kids Recipe eCards (there is a free sample waiting for you, too!) and instantly download them for just $19 and get the 85-page bonus eBook called Healthy 4 Life delivered to your email inbox!

3 responses to “Nutrient-dense Recipe eCards for Kids!– Using Farm Fresh Foods

  1. Cooking real food and learning about nutrition as these cards teach is what all kids need to learn. Far better than video games and television. This is great for homeschoolers, too.

  2. Thank you SO much for the wonderful recipe cards! We already made the sprouted wheat sourdough bread, and as a weekly sourdough baker, I can say that it is the BEST bread yet! I do have a question: on the “chapter title” pages there are 3 cards for which I don’t seem to have any “recipes”: “home skills”, “farming”, and “healing arts”. I don’t know if I missed something or if these weren’t meant to go with the cards I bought. Thank you again for such a super service!

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