Taste of Slovenia: A Grand Tour of Real Food and Culture in Central Europe

Sylvia P. Onusic is a friend and a professional associate and I am so pleased to introduce her 8-day Taste of Slovenia tour to my readers and her new blog that just opened yesterday called Taste of Slovenia. Sylvia and her Slovenian partner, Miha Rott have teamed up to offer the experience of  a lifetime, a food odyssey of rich sensual culinary experiences.

It is quite evident Sylvia is so in love with this Central European country by the way she describes what her tour will be:

“Experience the beauty of Slovenia and its rich culinary diversity during seven days of magic where you will feel, taste and smell the riches of this small country which stands at the crossroads of Europe. Your accomplished guides will lead you through the ultimate culinary experience as you eat and drink your way through the traditional foods of the Alpine peaks, valleys and glacial lakes; rolling wine terraces, fruit orchards, olive groves and villages of the Coast; the Vipava Valley under the Nanos Mountains, the mysterious Karst ,the forests of Notranjska, and the medieval capital city of Ljubljana.

Numerous microclimates and terroirs shape the country into distinct culinary districts, each using special local ingredients. Local foods are a big part of Slovenian culture. The tour will not only immerse you in the culinary heritage set in a breath-taking country side, but introduce you to the farmers, the dairymen, the vintners, the charcutiers, cooks and owners of small inns, and those who carry on the traditional methods of growing and preparing foods.”

You will enjoy seeing the incredible itinerary and menus over at Taste of Slovenia. Maybe you know of others who might like coming along and meet Sylvia and Miha in Slovenia, in which case the SHARE button below will assist you.

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